The Armenian cuisine: How Tourists Can Get Involved?

Gastronomic tourism in Armenia is one of the brightest and most unusual ways to get acquainted with the culture of the people. This is a great opportunity to pamper your taste buds, and at the same time communicate with representatives of another culture in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. They believe that “local food can help you learn about another culture.”

Armenian cuisine is regarded as one of the world’s oldest.

While other civilizations were emerging, the Armenian people had already mastered the art of cooking with might and main. What can I say, the local cuisine is colorful and varied, and the famous Armenian wines and cognac complement the joy of the received taste sensations! According to the Armenians themselves, their cuisine is like a poem, where each line has its own aroma and taste.

Most often, the process of preparing local dishes is laborious. For example, the preparation of some national sweets from nuts and fruits can take weeks. But the result is worth it: after tasting these divine desserts, you will understand why traditions and crafts are so important for Armenians. After all, most of the dishes of Armenian cuisine have also been polished for thousands of years, until they reached the impeccable taste that travelers enjoy today.

The main element

The main element of most local dishes is meat cooked in various variations. Also among the ingredients of Armenian dishes there are vegetables and legumes. All this is richly flavored with seasonings, spices and herbs. It is amazing how different products are combined in Armenian cuisine, creating bizarre flavor combinations. And greens and herbs help to reveal familiar products from the other side.

Barbecue is recognized as the king of the table here, in Armenia it is called khorovats. There are more than twenty types of khorovats. Before cooking, the meat is marinated in different sauces (cognac, wine, and others). In addition to meat, tomatoes, eggplant, and pepper are fried on fire, and served with it. The combination of baked vegetables with meat spares the stomach and allows you to make dishes more dietary. In addition, these dishes are suitable for vegetarians. And some culinary masterpieces, for example, arganak, which looks like soup with meatballs, are cooked using several types of meat at the same time. In the classic version, this is a mixture of venison and chicken, cooked in chicken broth. Be sure to try!

soup of Armenian cuisine

Another well-known soup of Armenian cuisine is khash. In ancient times, it was prepared after the rite of sacrifice. In those days, khash was considered to be the food of the poor, because the legs and entrails of animals, after cutting the carcass, were distributed to the poor people, who cooked thick broth from second-rate meat. Traditionally, this soup was served before the morning meal. Now khash is on the menu of every Armenian cafe and restaurant, so you can taste it at any time of the day.

Another old dish – khash. The khash usually eats in cold winter, that’s why in Armenia it is so common to call car rental services in Yerevan, take a rental car and go to Aragats mountain to eat this unique dish. This is a trout stuffed with boiled rice, raisins, butter, ground ginger and baked in the oven. In general, there are always a lot of fish dishes in gastronomic tours to Armenia. Armenians know a lot about baking, stewing, frying, boiling and other culinary manipulations and will prepare the most delicate fish dishes.

preparation of bozbash from lamb brisket

The preparation of bozbash from lamb brisket with vegetables and fruits is also interesting: the methods of cooking in Yerevan, Sisian and Etchmiadzin vary greatly. In every locality you will be told that it is they who have the bozbash – the real and correct one. It is difficult to choose the best recipe, because each version of this dish is delicious in its own way.

People who have chosen gastronomic tourism in Armenia will also appreciate the pride of local cuisine – kyufta. Just imagine the unearthly taste of the most delicate balls of beaten meat, boiled in broth and melting in your mouth! Other first courses are also popular: tourists will like spas made from fermented milk product matsun, to which wheat is added. And in hot weather, travelers especially love tans – kefir soup with herbs.

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