Tarot Cards Reading Mental Health Benefits

Tarot Cards Reading Mental Health Benefits

Everyone has difficulties in their life. Some days are very hard to get through once you fall into the pool of despair and sadness. To get through the days of darkness, we all need a coping mechanism that helps us to get out of that. For some people, their coping mechanism is to get drunk and lose themselves in partying and alcohol. For some, music and meditation is the only way that can help them. For me, tarot cards were the only way  that could help me to anchor myself from the days when the darkness was too much. 

Tarot cards are insanely popular today. On Amazon alone, you can find hundreds of different tarot cards created by different artists. Because of their colourfulness and symbolism, they are more often than not used as the art decor and prop for instagrammable pictures. It might sound surprising to you, but some people think are tarot cards evil but they are used by therapists and other mental health professionals to treat mental health.   

How Does Tarot Cards Help Me to Get Through The Dark Days

Tarot card readings  ( Free Tarot Reading Site & Reviews – Online Tarot Readings ) have always been considered as a tool to know more about your unpredictable and undetermined future. However, it is often forgotten that tarot cards were originally created to reflect and understand your inner self. Many people, including myself, find peace and solace in reading tarot cards. It helps us to grand ourselves to reality and makes us realize that better days are coming, and all we need to do is to take one step at a time. 

I was always afraid of tarot card reading because I didn’t want to know when my loved ones thought that they’ve enough of me. I didn’t want to know what might happen in my future or when I’m going to lose my job. So, I steer clear of tarot cards. Then, when I was going through the hardest days of my life, my closest friend suggested that I should at least try to get tarot cards reading. I was already going through my dark days but, I reluctantly agreed to have a reading. It is now obvious to say that they help me more than I could ever have imagined. The symbolism helped me to understand what I lacked. It helped me to reflect on my innermost self. There are tons of tarot cards with a different symbolic pattern that is beneficial for mental health, but the ones that helped me most are: 

  • Judgment Card:

The reverse judgment card means that I was lacking in self-awareness and was shrouded in self-doubt. The upright card means reflection, awakening, and reckoning. 

  • The Sun Card

The reverse sun card symbolizes negativity, depression, and sadness, while the upright sun has the opposite meaning, i.e., joy, success, celebration, and positivity. 

  • The Moon Card

The moon card, when reversed, means fear, confusion, and misinterpretation, while when it is upright, it symbolizes unconscious, intuition, and illusion. 

  • The Star Card 

Reverse star card means insecurity, faithlessness, and discouragement. The upright card reflects hope, faith, and rejuvenation. 

  • The Tower Card

When reversed, the tower cards reflect a disaster that is avoided or is delayed. And when this card is drawn upright, it shows broken pride, sudden upheaval, and disaster. 

The Final Note

Tarot card readings may sound too mystical or ridiculous for you, but trust me, it can be the best coping mechanism as it has so many mental health benefits. It can free your mind from the worries of the world and lets you explore your inner self. 

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