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Tree Care is a small company locally owned with long-standing roots in the community of pro tree services in Tacoma. Our trees work for us, making our environment lovely. Pro Tacoma tree care works for your trees and gives them the TLC that they need to grow and live longer. We will look after your trees professionally as if they’re relatives. Family Tree Service handles everything when it comes to trees! We provide a complete variety of tree services, including planting, pruning, and removal.

Tacoma tree services include:

Tree Removal service:

Whether you’ve moved to a new house or are embarking on a yard re-design, tree service can help you plan the vista you want. Sometimes this requires tree removal.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trees around us at home and in our society often require human involvement to maintain them as beautiful as possible. Certified Arborists of tree service are qualified to trim and cut trees to maintain them looking for their best. Just as an elaborate haircut may strengthen your appearance, skillful trimming and cutting can improve your trees’ appeal. This may also help keep your trees healthy. 

Extraction of stump and scraping

Have you a nasty or dangerous stump on your property? Every stump that you have in your yard or on your property may be removed securely for any cause and when we remove the tree, we will ensure that the stump is also removed.

Some people choose to remove trees away, while others hire amateurs for this task. Although this seems to be an intelligent economic decision, it is ultimately costly. Tacoma tree services should be left to professionals who know how to do this job. For us, we efficiently remove the trees and stumps, so that you have clear space after we are done

Thinning or Wind Sail Reduction

The goal is to thin the top of the tree and allow the wind to flow more freely over the top branches. Certified tree service for pro-Tacoma arborists can assist you to determine whether this kind of dilution would be beneficial for your trees. We may also highlight the scientific research on the benefits and the negative effects of wind sail lowering. 

Hedge Trimming

There is a pleasant hedge, whether it is composed of trees, bushes, or shrubs. Hedges may frame a home, indicate a border, or offer us adjacent households solitude.

What is common to all hedges is growth: Every year, they get larger and don’t always develop symmetrically.

Dead, hazardous, as well as fallen trees, removed

Your trees will sometimes be damaged or affected by illnesses. This can only be done by removing the trees. The removal of trees is a task that includes so many dangers, and a beginner can’t do so. We expertly handle dead and rotting trees safely and professionally. In certain instances, trees grow so close to structures that they may cause damage or block the sun.

You can trust us with Pro Tree Services in Tacoma (Pro Tree Service, 2725 N Henry Rd, Tacoma, WA 98403, 253-234-7074) we are fully licensed, insured, bonded. Our reputation speaks volumes and you can rely on us for secure and safe tree services. Please do not hesitate to ask for a free estimate or learn more if you need our services, and we will be happy to supply you with them.

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