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Summer Learning Opportunities for Students

Summer break is just around the corner, and while students are surely looking forward to their time away from school, learning doesn’t have to take a back seat – at least not for the whole summer. Some kids might want a reminder of the things they learned over the past year, catch up on a subject, or even pursue topics they’re interested in but that aren’t covered in class. Here are just a few summer learning opportunities available to students once school lets out. 

School-Based Summer Learning

Check to see if your child’s school offers its own summer learning programs. These programs can help keep information fresh in your child’s mind through the summer months, and they are great for making sure your child is learning material that will be on the teacher’s lesson plans. If the school offers in-person classes, then you can be confident that your child will be learning in an environment that is familiar to them.

More schools are moving toward online summer learning to offer families more flexibility. However, this option requires students to have access to a consistent internet connection. Hotspots for schools that students can take home over summer break can help bridge the gap between summer learning and internet access. If this isn’t an option at your child’s school, then a school wifi hotspot can help students stay connected while reducing hardware costs. Some schools may establish school wifi hotspots, and create a central hub for students to access the internet all summer long, even if the school is closed. 

Khan Academy Lessons

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that has been providing online lessons to individuals around the world for over ten years. The lessons are free, interactive, and self-paced. If your student would like to challenge their math, science, or language skills, Khan Academy has the lessons to do just that. Does your child need a refresher course after a month of summer break to stave off summer learning loss? Khan Academy has you covered. The organization offers daily learning schedules for Pre-K through 12th graders. These schedules provide structured learning throughout the day over a range of subjects. 

Khan Academy provides standardized test prep for high schoolers preparing to take the SAT, or college students studying for the MCAT. For students working hard to get into their top-choice school, this test prep can be an invaluable opportunity to improve their scores. 

Learning Bootcamps

Educational bootcamps are a way for students to take a deep dive into their subject of choice, both in-person and online. Many colleges sponsor these bootcamps, which can last for a few days or for several weeks. Coding, video production, cybersecurity, space – whatever your student is inspired by, there’s likely a bootcamp available to them. For high school students, these bootcamps can help them narrow down their career paths before they start to apply to college. If a bootcamp offers a certificate of completion, these programs can also be a way to qualify for an entry-level job in a competitive industry. 

Your local college may have in-person bootcamps available to high school students, or you may have to do a little research to find an online program that fits your student’s educational goals. Depending on the program, they may even have the opportunity to re-enroll the following summer in a more advanced course, which can be a great way to make friends and build a professional network. 

School is hard work, and students have certainly earned a break once the end of the year rolls around. Once your student has had enough fun in the sun, though, a little bit of learning can help enrich their summer.

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