SnatchApp downloads skyrocket as Whatsapp privacy concerns go mainstream

Ever since the acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook back in 2014 users have been, to say the least, uneasy about how the two platforms share information and of course, how much. And with all the latest scandals involving Facebook and their rather questionable ethical outlook on data privacy, who can blame them.

Starting out as a type of status app for phone numbers, Whatsapp quickly developed and grew in line with what people were using it for most, an instant messaging service and by 2015 had already grown to be the most popular messaging app in the world. Today Whatsapp has more than 2 billion users worldwide and in the 6 years since its acquisition it has managed to become the primary and most common means of private, instant communication for individuals and businesses alike.

With all that information and power, privacy concerns are pretty much a no brainer and users are actively looking for a credible and trusted alternative to replace currently used technologies, even top tier CEOs like Elon Musk are voicing their concerns with pleads in the same directions. Enter SnatchApp

Without dwelling too much on the topic, concerns increased after a recent pop up was released to Whatsapp users notifying them about a change in the data sharing policy of the app. Prompting users to agree and accept in order to continue using the app and its services. The change would increase the amount of information and metadata that flows between the two platforms with the scandal reaching its peak when it was revealed that the sharing of your private data was in fact nothing new and has been in place since 2016. At that time users were offered the option to opt out and decline the use of their information but that option has since been removed.

In a time where cyber security is of utmost importance to many users online, the need for transparent and ethical data privacy regulations is a must. SnatchApp and its creators aim for nothing less. SnatchApp was founded with the “focused aim of connecting people intelligently and securely.” They furthermore believe that privacy is an universal human right and their actions up until now prove it.

Although being an industry standard at this point, SatchApp uses AES256 encryption to securely encrypt all messages and files that pass from one user to the next. A feature that over the years has proven to be among the first to look for when choosing an instant messaging app as it disables any third party, including your network provider, to intercept any of the content. But keep in mind that it is not always enabled as a default option so revising your privacy settings might be a good idea.

Just because data is encrypted doesn’t mean that applications are not sharing or collecting certain metadata. Numbers you call, time spent calling and your phone number are but a few examples of the data many popular messaging apps currently collect. The tricky part comes into play when applications are vague about what type of data and how much are being collected and shared. The case of Whatsapp and Facebook being a prime example.

In terms of data protection, SnatchApp is very clear about their dedication towards this issue and their website provides clear and transparent measures that are in place to put both individual users and businesses at ease.

Avi Benezra and Henri Benezra originally created SnatchBot to help businesses manage the increase of customers flowing through their digital channels due to the rapid, global adoption of online platforms within the last year. This disruptive technology enables businesses to use artificial intelligent chat bots to help with client inquiries and day to day customer management tasks. With the integration of artificial intelligence, chatbots now give businesses the  power of 24/7 around the clock customer support, instant responses and easy access. Companies save time and SnatchBot`s free service structure means that costs are cut too. More value for less, what more could we ask for.

At the same time, while proving to be a very useful smart technology for businesses, the skyrocketing download levels of SnatchApp suggests its growing popularity among individual users who wish to stay connected. Users enjoy an array of features like voice changers and  file sharing that is both safe and secure. And the raving reviews on the Google Play Store and iTunes speak for themselves.

Please be sure to take a look at the available download links below to get you started on the path to a safer and more secure form of communication. 

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