Simple Door Hanger Distribution Method

Simple Door Hanger Distribution Method

A Door Hanger is a printed product with a rectangular hook hung on a doorknob or handle. Several door hangers are corporate, with vibrant patterns printed on one or both sides of sturdy cardboard. Despite its intelligibility, a door hanger is a highly effective marketing tool. They are used in schools to notify both teachers and pupils when an examination is taking place in a specific classroom.

However, marketers adore door hangers because they are tough to ignore and need no postage. Still, hitting the pavement for seemingly endless hours for door hanger distribution can be physically and mentally exhausting. When you use this method, distributing door hangers does not have to be as difficult.

Understand your target audience:

Firstly, you must decide who will receive your door hangers. However, door hangers are typically employed as a marketing tactic to cast votes on an entire neighborhood or city. It is especially true for industries that cater to large groups of people and political endorsements instead of specialized niches that cater to tiny groups of geographically isolated customers. Furthermore, determine who your ideal consumer is and where they live. After that, check again that everyone else in those neighborhoods adheres to your demographic criteria. It will help you in focusing your efforts where they are most likely to succeed.

Put together your team:

However, 20 or more people who can help you in door hanger distribution may appear complicated. Because you’ve done your research, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Your pitch is simple: you need one hour or less of assistance, and all they have to do is walk ten blocks. Moreover, you might be able to persuade individuals to agree by offering an inducement such as a pizza lunch. Begin with friends and family members. If you run a nonprofit or are promoting a philanthropic cause, you may locate volunteers from the community, organizations, and schools. However, if everything else fails, you’ll have to pay someone to distribute your door hangers.

Make a route map:

Once you’ve set up your target audience and where they live, divide the area into understandable neighborhoods for team members. The best way to distribute hangers is to make a team of two members. However, this avoids unnecessary street crossings and allows two persons to visit 100 homes in a swift 10-block stroll. Create detailed routes and mark them by team: If you want to reach 1,000 homes, you’ll need ten teams totaling 20 door hanger distributors to finish distribution with minimal effort. Moreover, set up pick-up stations as necessary.

Plan a day and time, and leave early:

Plan a day and time that everyone can make, and leave early to avoid traffic and perplexed homeowners wondering why someone is on the porch during dinner. A good time for distribution is usually just before or after the standard first shift workday. If necessary, seek advice from your municipality. Above all, enjoy yourself when distributing door hangers. Pair up suitable team matches and see who can finish first or hit the most houses.

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