Should Laws Be Stricter For Teenage Driving?

Should laws be stricter for teenage driving? In many countries across Europe, and in the US for that matter, teenage drivers often find themselves in very difficult situations when it comes to passing their driving tests. If you are a teenage driver in one of these countries and you have an accident, who is responsible? The answer is quite simple: it is you! The age of the majority will usually restrict you from driving, but driving even with your parents’ age can be dangerous if they don’t know how to drive properly, and there are some countries which will ban teenagers entirely from driving. 

Most countries across Europe and the US have very lax laws about the minimum age for drivers. Teenagers as young as 13 have been known to be able to operate both the motor vehicle and the wheel on their own, although this is not usually the case. Teenagers also find themselves in situations where they may be held liable for accidents and/or crimes due to their inexperience. For example, it has recently been found that inexperienced teenagers who are driving without the proper understanding of how a car works, may cause an accident which causes extensive damage or even death to another person or vehicle. Teenagers who are found to be driving without a license are usually punished by having their cars impounded, as well as spending a great deal of money on paying a fine and attending school. Should laws for teenage driving be stricter in these types of countries? 

The fact is that most countries across Europe and the US have no minimum driving age laws, and teenage drivers can easily drive any time they want until they reach their legal driving age. Most parents feel that they should be, especially considering the numerous incidents involving young people getting into accidents and committing offenses – whether they are guilty of these crimes or not. 

Many experts believe that teenage drivers are simply not responsible enough to be entrusted with the care and protection of another human being, and that they should not be given the chance to drive until they are more mature. However, this is just one side of the coin. 

Other people argue that teenage drivers are not as responsible as adult drivers because they do not live, work, and attend school. They do not face financial responsibilities, social obligations, and work or study responsibilities like other adults. This, they feel, leads them to be less concerned with the law and make irresponsible, careless driving choices. Should laws for teenage driving be stricter so that more lives are saved? 

In general, people feel that teenage drivers are the most likely to end up in an accident because they are new to driving and do not know the traffic laws, which can lead to an unnecessary collision. Should laws for teenage driving be stricter to prevent this type of tragedy from happening? The answer is yes, but teenagers are just a part of the problem. Statistics show that even adult drivers can be careless and make mistakes, but the number of teenage accidents would still be much higher if teenage drivers were not existent. There are many young drivers who are very responsible and should not be punished for other people’s carelessness.  It has been mentioned that this age is deemed to be appropriate for mature enough drivers to be on the road. 

There are many things that could be done to prevent teenage driving problems from occurring. Laws should be made more difficult to give teenagers the driving experience they need before

they get behind the wheel of a car. Teenagers are generally taught to be afraid of driving on the road before they are taught how to obey it. Parents and teachers should spend more time teaching proper driving habits to their children, and less time reacting to misbehavior by teenage drivers. They may have already learned what they need to know to drive on the road, but they need help when they are learning how to drive on the road. Speeding laws for teenage drivers should be more strict to try to slow them down and reduce traffic accidents. 

Even if laws are not changed to enforce more safety, reliable cars could help the problem. Parents buy auto extended warranties for their children’s cars to avoid stress with mechanical breakdowns. These are unforeseen incidents that can cause accidents to young drivers and having to worry about the costs make it worse. If you have constant problems with your Honda, Mazda, or Toyota, you can look into a Toyota extended warranty solution from Any of your car manufacturers will have extended warranty to choose from. 

A reliable and safe car is important for everyone, especially a young adult driver. Don’t let your kids drive a “jerk car”. This will only cause you more pain and suffering with higher repair bills and overly expensive costs. 

Should laws be stricter for teenage driving? Of course they should. Teenagers are just as much a danger on the road as any other age group, and they need to know the driving laws and be familiar with them so that they can follow them properly. When teenagers know what is expected of them and are aware that their actions can result in some serious consequences, they will be more responsible drivers. When the laws are more strict for teenage drivers, it also makes driving on the road safer and more fun.

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