Shooting technique tips in Counter-Strike

High results in the game of Counter-Strike are achieved by those participants who have mastered the art of shooting. The process of shooting, at first glance has no difficulties, the main thing is to aim well and pull the trigger. But professionals Counter-Strike know how to use the secrets of successful shooting, which helps them to win the enemy.

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The very fact of firing can be carried out in various conditions: while moving, or when the player is stationary. When the participant of the confrontation takes a certain position, he has a better chance to make an accurate hit on the target. Making a successful shot while chasing an opponent is much more difficult, but experienced users know how to hone their shooting skills on the run. There has to be a clever combination of shooting and stepping – the way you move during the shot. The player runs slightly, deflecting sideways and in a circle while facing the opponent. This technique has been used successfully in shooters, including the Kontra platform.

In the gameplay gamer develops his own style of fire, but there are optimal recommendations for one hundred percent hit the enemy. Players who prefer to hold the trigger are advised to aim downwards for precise control of the weapon’s recoil. If you shoot in bursts, you should fire two or three rounds per session and dodge after each round to avoid being hit back by your opponent.

An important aspect to consider in a gun battle is the weapon of your choice. Each weapon has its own technical features, range and recoil. This, together with the development of your individual style, will affect your shooting technique.

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About “tascher” configs

The player sees a line about the cool configure in the build description, downloads it and finds out that the cool configure doesn’t drag and moreover, it becomes much worse! Why does it happen? The thing is that all these tasher configs focused on smooth movement of the mouse, they play those who are used to trajectories of firing and with a high probability of handing out headshots. In the hands of the nubo such configs clearly will not drag, the mouse will be too slow. Moreover, many such configs are adjusted for accurate mice with high D.P.I. Therefore a simple tip: adjust your config by yourself, depending on your gaming skills. As the latter grows, you should reduce your mouse speed to smoother handling.

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