High rise joggers trend at HALARA

Trendsetting style at HALARA means wearing the latest fashions, even if it’s a pair of high-rise joggers. We love to be daring and experiment by pairing them with feminine blouses or cool t-shirts for an on-trend everyday look.

Do you want to know why high waist pants are so hip this season? 

High waisted trousers originated in the early twentieth century as women began to wear more practical clothing for activities like bicycling or horseback riding. Women were inspired by menswear and traditional military uniforms during World War I and II, taking cues from men’s relaxed fit trousers that had higher waistlines than what women were used to wearing.

Then, during the 1970s women’s liberation movement, designers like Yves St. Laurent and Coco Chanel reinterpreted this more masculine silhouette with their “power suits”, aka high waisted pants paired with power shoulder pads.

The 70s wasn’t the last time that these styles came back into fashion though. In recent years we have seen 90’s inspired high waistband jeans with oversized t-shirts hit the runways of labels like Balenciaga or Vetements.

This season is no exception! High rise joggers are all over the latest collections of contemporary brands such as HALARA. Discover how to style them for yourself by mixing and matching with our favorite pieces

Later on, European designers made these pants

The new collection offers women an exciting mix of styles, colors and materials that are fashionable right now. With the sale you get good quality for a good price.

Capri joggers at HALARA

The capri pants are popular because they flatter many figures and suit various occasions – you can wear them to work during the week, but also on weekends or for parties. You can choose between loose-fitting wide pants or tailored slimline ones. 

The beautiful range includes classic black, deep red, white, light gray and dark blue. Fabrics like cotton, paisley, leopard print and denim make the capri pants stylish pieces. Many styles have side pockets or other practical details that increase their wearing comfort.

High rise joggers and Capri joggers at HALARA!

This is a basic article about joggers/yoga pants that don’t slide down. We know this problem may be really annoying, especially when trying to finish your workout routine, but if you’re struggling with it, don’t worry because there’s a solution for this issue: high rise and capri joggers

They will keep your butt covered and make you feel comfortable all along your workout routine. These pants won’t fall down or untuck from your shirt which is awesome. If you have two times money to spend on yoga pants, definitely check out pants offered at HALARA. The clothes are very comfortable and the sizes are perfectly fitting. 

Or you prefer short over Capri? No problem! They have high rise, too:

We are sure they will turn out perfect for your workout routine and make it more enjoyable!

To sum up everything

If you want to be more motivated during your workouts, please treat yourself with something new that actually makes exercising fun! We know that even if you’re not interested in fashion or you don’t like shopping, there’s always room to try out something new! 

Of course, make sure that the material is breathable and doesn’t irritate your skin. Also, if you’re into yoga or Pilates, these pants will be your best friends!

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