Rudraksh Immigration Group explains the reasons why Indian student migrate abroad

Reasons why Indian student migrate abroad – Rudraksh Immigration Group explains!

It is well known that the number of Indian students going abroad for higher studies is second largest in the world, after China. This implies that every year the migration that takes place from India to either US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or Europe is massive. Being in the industry for 27 years now, Rudraksh Immigration Group Mohali explains the major contributing factors behind this insane trend. 

According to some data, India saw about 60,000 students travelling abroad to pursue higher education in 2000. This figure has grown exponentially to more than 7,50,000 students in 2018. The trend just keeps getting popularized, enabling more and more students to migrate abroad to study and work. Also, back in the 2000s, the majority of students preferred US as their default migration choice because of various factors. 

But in 2018, the number of students choosing a foreign country, has been diversified. What this essentially translates to is that now students don’t have a default country in mind while planning to study overseas.

People are exploring more opportunities in various countries across the globe to meet their specific requirements. Rudraksh Group explains the main factors deciding a country today.

1. Immigration Policies

One of the major factors, why US took a hit in number of Indian students not choosing the US, was that it changes its immigration policies and made it difficult for students to pursue higher education there. This discouraged a ton of students and they started looking elsewhere. At the same time, countries like Canada and Australia eased up their immigration policies and gained a large chunk of Indian student population. 

This made sure that these countries get skilled employees and hence, they decided to reward such people with permanent residencies easily. This is the primary reason of the shift from US to other countries.

2. Financial Balance

Indians are regarded as people who always get their money worth in whatever they do. The universities in the US have exorbitant tuition fees and high living expenses. Students started recognizing this and changed their countries of preference where they could find a balance between tuition fee and quality of education. 

Combining this with the salaries that they would get after completing their studies, they make a balanced choice to ensure that they don’t end up spending so much on the education, that even after getting a job, they are not able to pay the student loan debts for a long time.

3. Culture and Safety

As more and more options started opening up regarding new prospects in other countries, people started realizing the importance of some other things as well. For example, countries like Ireland, Denmark and New Zealand started becoming popular because of the welcoming and warm nature of their people towards other people from different countries. 

Additionally, the crime rates are very low in these countries. The standard of living is also decent without having to spend your lifetime of savings.

All these factors, along with quality of high ranking institutes in these countries as well are the major factors for diversification of students in various countries. This is what the experience of Rudraksh Immigration Group has deduced. They have actively been involved in finding the best courses in every country to maximize your career prospects afterwards. 

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