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Royal Palace a South African Designer Furniture Store Goes Online.

The rumor that the Royal Palace furniture store has been crumbling after a massive attack from the COVID-19 pandemic has been confirmed. Last year, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Royal Palace a South African designer furniture store had to establish its presence online.

In an interview with a local podcaster, the marketing manager of Royal Palace, Mr. Listin Gumbi stated that the Covid-19 pandemic has disturbed the physical customer traffic to their 2 shops in Sandton. As a result, they had to go online or die. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted their customer-to-staff interaction, Royal Palace has taken a huge step in moving its business online. Royal Palace has established its online presence using Google shopping ads and social media marketing.

Royal Palace Furniture Stores Redefine Luxury Living

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Discover sustainable style at Royal Palace Furniture Stores, where eco-friendly design meets affordability. Explore a vast selection, including used office furniture, blending elegance with environmental responsibility. Grateful for choices that benefit both home and planet.

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Royal Palace Furniture Store to Establish Online Presence

However, establishing their presence online is not as easy for them as a previous brick-and-mortar furniture store. Mr. Listin Gumbi went on to say,’ We are trying to establish our online presence by being active and responding to prospective customers however along the way we are facing challenges as some of their customers are not used to the online world as compared to those in developed nations.

When transforming your home, consider royal palace furniture stores for regal elegance. Simplify the transition with ease—hire a furniture moving company. Both prioritize quality, ensuring your treasures arrive safely.

In a surprising turn of events, the Royal Palace Furniture Store, a well-known establishment in various locations like Charlotte, Dubai, Delhi, and more, is closing its doors. This marks the end of an era for those seeking noble furniture pieces and grandiose interior furnishings to elevate their upscale living spaces. Devotees of sophisticated palace decor and lavish home accessories will surely miss this hub of royal heritage furniture.

Royal Palace’s Response to Unemployment Amid the Pandemic

The marketing manager said that he is aware of the unemployment rates that have risen due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Royal Palace has a target of employing 700 sales agents by the end of 2021. These sales agents will work online, as door-to-door visits can spread coronavirus.

Royal Palace is inviting South Africans to register online and sell bedroom furniture, office furniture, dining furniture, and lounge furniture for Royal Palace. For those interested in working online as sales agents click here.

Have you heard about Royal Palace Furniture Store? It’s not just in Edmonton, Alberta; they’re making waves in El Salvador, El Paso, El Cajon, and even Fort Worth and Fresno! From Fnaf to Fivem, they’ve got it all. Check out their exquisite collections – a touch of royalty in every piece!

Royal Palace Offers Free Delivery

Mr. Listin Gumbi ended by encouraging every small business owner to be patient and stay strong. He said, ‘ Some say that COVID-19 is here to stay, some say COVID-19 is a past, however, it is our duty as leaders of businesses to keep our staff members safe from COVID-19 by embracing new technologies as well as maintaining COVID-19 regulations.

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