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Restaurant Canopy Cleaning Tips You Should Definitely Try

A canopy is the most basic part of a commercial kitchen, especially those of restaurants. It is also neglected by most kitchen owners. Restaurant owners generally focus on the appliances that they use for cooking directly like grills, stoves, and ovens. However, ensure to give equal importance and care to your kitchen canopy as well. It is an essential element of the kitchen that will help make it run smoothly and efficiently.

A restaurant canopy will make your commercial space simple and safe to work in. But for all of it to run smoothly, you should maintain and clean the canopy regularly. You should remember that if you maintain the canopy regularly, you decrease or even eliminate the risks of potential fires in a restaurant’s kitchen. This way, you can concentrate on preparing good food. So, below are the best canopy cleaning Melbourne tips you should definitely try: 

Remove The Filters: When it comes to Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Melbourne, you should first remove the filters. They are the main part of a kitchen canopy. Removing the filters will offer you the chance to find out what you’re working with. These filters vary from canopy to canopy. Look at the filters carefully under the canopy to find the ideal way to remove them. You can consult the owner’s manual.

Fill the Sink Using Hot Water: The hotter the water is, the better it will be. Hence, it is best to boil some water as we want to remove the nasty grease, oil, and other food particles that are attached to it for a long time period. You need to submerge the filters in water, so ensure to have enough of it. If the space of your sink does not allow it, you can use a bucket for the same.

Add Baking Soda and Dish Soap to the Water: You can choose any dish soap for the purpose. Use enough of it to make the water soapy. Then add ½ cup baking soda to it and mix well.

Put The Filters In Water: You can either put the filters in water in your sink or a bucket or place then underwater. If the whole filter doesn’t get clean in this step, you can re-follow all the steps for the remaining portion.

Soak The Filters For About 10 Minutes: Don’t get impatient and do not take the filters out. Leave them alone for some time, and let them soak to loosen the grease and debris. Remember that it is the perfect time for regular cleaning. Hence, if you have never cleaned the filters of cleaned them after a long time, then you should soak them in water, soap, and soap solution for an extended time period. You can add more of hot water if it starts to cool.

Scrub Your Filters: Once you soak the filters for a good time, it is now time to offer a good scrub to them. It is a simple process and the loosening that takes place from scrubbing will do most of the work for you.

Rinse and Dry Them: Once you are done with scrubbing and think that the filters are as clean as they should be, you can rinse them under running water. Then dry the filters using a soft cloth.

Re-install the Filters: You need to now reinstall the filters. Ensure that they are put properly at their place so that they work as they should. It must be possible that the filter comes out simpler than going back. You can consult the user manual for reinstalling them.

Repeat Maintenance Regularly: You may wish to clean the filters based on frequency of your cooking. If you cook daily, it is best to clean the filters monthly. Feel free to remove the filters sporadically to find how dirty the filters are. You can then create a cleaning schedule accordingly.

Clean the Exterior of the Canopy: Splatter from oil, grease, and other food particles can rest on the exterior of the canopy. This can make the canopy look dull and dirty. Ensure to clean the exterior of your canopy also regularly.

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