Recover Multiple Corrupted ZIP Files

How to Recover Multiple Corrupted ZIP Files in Batch

Corruption of multiple Zip files can happen at any time, especially while you are transferring them. In this article, we consider using the DataNumen ZIP Repair tool to dig out the contents from multiple corrupted ZIP archives at once.

When we are working on our systems we hardly ever give a thought before we create a Zip file. For many of us who work on Windows machines, the ability to create Zip files comes built within the context menu. Just select a bunch of files and right-click and choose the Send to Compressed Zip Folder option; and a Zip archive file gets created immediately. Over time we keep creating Zip files and storing them on our systems or sharing them with others without giving a thought to the chances of archive corruption. However, chances of Zip corruption are all too real, and there may be cases where several Zip files get corrupted at once.

Incidents of Multiple ZIP Files Corruption is Commonly Noticed

Incidents of Zip file corruption is quite common. In fact, countless people have dealt with corrupted Zip files, especially while downloading them over the internet. In many cases, multiple Zip archives can get corrupted and such things can happen to anyone. For example, you have stored several Zip files on an external hard drive or a removable USB stick and when you attempt to read them at a later date, you receive a corrupted archive message.

Several factors can be behind the corruption of multiple Zip archives; some like transfer errors, malware incidents, and resource conflicts cause a bulk of them. It may not always be possible to understand what caused several Zip files to get compromised at once but it is nearly always possible to recover the contents of the corrupted zip files with an efficacious recovery tool.

Get Hold of DataNumen ZIP Repair to Extract Data from Numerous Compromised ZIP Files in one shot

If you are stuck with a situation where several Zip files have become corrupted, the best way forward would be to run the DataNumen Zip Repair application to get back the compromised data. Just launch the application and head to the Batch Repair tab. Click on the Add Files option to select all the corrupted Zip archives and then click on Start Repair to initiate the recovery process. Rest will be taken care by this powerful software which will automatically recover the contents and name the extracted files.  The tool offers the highest possibility of recovering contents from corrupted archive files as compared to any other tool and it completes the recovery process in the quickest possible time.

Zip Files are commonly used in Business – Investing in DataNumen Zip Repair makes Sense

In many companies Zip files are routinely used and no one even considers putting in place any proper protocol for managing them. While organizations are known to fret endlessly over securing their mail servers and other infrastructure; Zip files which often contain a lot of critical data, keep lying on user systems.  A busy business executive might have several critical files Zip archive files on his system without being bothered to back it up. If a bunch of such files gets corrupted, it can cause a great deal of hassle to the executive and even to the firm where he works. Businesses should ideally invest in a tool like DataNumen Zip Repair which can help them repair Zip file and deal with tricky incidents of Zip corruption. The application is extremely friendly to use and an average office user can run it without the technical team getting involved.

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