Reasons Why Tokidoki Blind Box Toys Are The Best Kids’ Birthday Gift

Blind box toys have been gaining popularity widely across the globe due to their hidden elements. Collecting tiny unicorn characters when you don’t know what’s inside becomes exciting. Kids love collecting blind box toys, these toys are available in a wide variety in numerous characters. Small toys randomly packed in random closed boxes were originally started in Japan, later gaining popularity all over the globe. Now, China-based blind boxes are the most popular among kids. Token Studio offers a wide range of blind boxes with various characters and Unicorno blind boxes including Unicorno series 9. These boxes are ideal for kids’ birthdays and Christmas gifts.

What Makes Blind Box Toys Perfect for Kids’ Birthday Gifts?

Though there are no significant evidence or research on why kids love Tokidoki blind box toys, but few reasons make them ideal for kids birthday gifts:

Surprise element: Every blind box package has at least one hidden character that nobody knows about. These random characters remain hidden until they are unwrapped. Kids on their birthdays are always overjoyed and excited, gifting hidden toys brings more excitement. Kids love such surprises that make blind box toys perfect for a birthday gift. 

Hidden figures: These blind boxes contain 12 characters, kids love to collect these characters. Each character or toy has a different personality and story that fascinates kids to collect them. These hidden treasures in packages are enough to bring happiness to a kid’s face with an Unicorno blind box.

High-quality material: These blind boxes are created keeping in mind the safety standard for kids, built with polarized PVC Resin products, they have good waterproof quality and wear resistance that makes them perfect to stand in front of overexcited kids. We have often witnessed how overjoyed kids on their birthdays attack gifts and play all the time. So, these high-quality blind box toys not only bring happiness but are also sustainable and safe for kids. However, they are more suitable for kids above 3 years. 

Surprise collectibles: Mostly girls like to collect dolls, while boys love the Unicorno series. However, many kids love both. These blind box toys are perfect for both boys and girls as their surprise characters are dolls, unicorns that allow your kids to take exciting adventures with their favorite characters. 

What are the new characters offered in Tokidoki blind boxes that kids love to collect? 

The Tokidoki blind box packages are generally created with 12 characters, each character having a different name, personality, and story associated with them. Many Tokidoki blind boxes include characters such as Sharshimi, Space bear 5, Atena, Donutilla, etc. from series 1. While series X includes characters such as Red Cherrie, Flaminga, Electro manga, Cherrie dragon (Chaser!), etc. Unicorno Series 9 include Pio Pio, Cheeky, Autumn, Rosebud, Thrasher (chaser!), yum yum (chaser!), etc.  However, each blind box doesn’t need to have all the characters. Token Studio offers many designer toys, blind boxes with special characters, they also offer special package sets for birthday and Christmas gifts for kids at affordable rates. You can find a wide range of blind box collections here, that is surely going to bring a smile to kids’ faces. Both boys and girls love their blind boxes as they offer toys catered to boys and girls separately and combined such as unicorn series, girls miniature dolls, etc.

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