Purple Diamond Strain

Purple Diamond Strain Review 

Purple Diamond is a pure Indica strain known that has been cultivated by the RedEyed Genetics team. Back in 2007, the Purple Diamond strain was listed among the High Time strains of the year, which added to its popularity back in the day. Thanks to its rich genetics that combine the Mt. Rainier and Mendocino Purps, the Purple Diamond strain is one of the most exciting cannabis strains on the market and it is surely worth the praise it gets.

At the same time, it is a potent weed that packs 25% THC punch, so it might not be the most newbie-friendly strain out there. More so, some people report such side effects as paranoia and dizziness, which isn’t a flawless experience. So, what’s up with the Purple Diamond, should you try it, and what are its effects? Let’s see.

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Purple Diamond Wonders: From Gardens to Engagement Rings

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Smell and Aroma

The smell and aroma of this weed are quite refreshing, with a dominant lime flavor followed by earthy notes. If you crush a Purple Diamond bud, you will be able to clearly distinguish its citrusy smell followed by a classic weed aroma. You may also feel some fruity undertones in it. The smoke itself is rather smooth, so coughing is not to be expected but you might still want to have some soft drink at your side just in case you’d need to dampen your throat.

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What you should take note of is that the smoke itself is rather pungent, so if you enjoy smoking outdoors, be sure to avoid the areas where the smell of weed might upset some people.

Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of this strain is what it owes its aroma to. Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Bisabolol
  • Nerolidol
  • Caryophyllene

Despite not having too much going on in terms of terpenes, the smell of the Purple Diamond is rather distinctive, and if you smell it once, you are going to recognize it anywhere.

In the vibrant world of gemology, the Purple Diamond stands out with its rich hue, much like the uniqueness Magna Fermentum Justoeget brings to the fermentation process. Both share rarity, adding an exquisite touch to their respective domains.

Reported Effects

Here’s where it gets exciting. Purple Diamond is a rather potent strain, and it does pack a good punch. That is why it is recommended for experienced smokers only, and if you are not ready to play with some big boy stuff, you better stay clear and smoke something lighter first. A peculiar thing here is that this weed makes you focused, creative, and energized for a prolonged period. It might not be ideal for solving some math problems, but if you want to truly focus on something and get it done, this might be a good strain for you.

At the same time, this weed is associated with alarming side effects such as paranoia and dizziness. This might be attributed to low THC tolerance in some users, but if you are prone to having such problems and health disorders as chronic anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, or ADHD, you might want to avoid smoking this type of weed.

On the opposite side of things, if you have problems focusing or experience chronic fatigue, this weed might be the solution you seek. Of course, before you choose to smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes, you should first see your doctor and ask whether it is a good idea, to begin with. When it comes to your health, all the decisions you make need to be informed and guided by professionals.

Growing Tips

Growing this weed is not difficult, according to cultivars, and thanks to the popularity of this strain, its seeds are also easy to come by. It requires some general care, decent fertilizers, and a stable warm climate to grow strong and happy. It takes around 9 weeks to flower and produces a decent yield. This weed grows best outdoors in a warm and dry climate but it can also be cultivated indoors with just a bit of good lighting and proper temperature. Overall, this is a rather resilient plant that can take a couple of cold nights here and there and still grow perfectly fine.


When it comes to potent strains like Purple Diamond, the best advice is to start with something lighter and build up tolerance till you are ready to try something this potent. Let’s be clear here if you are a total newbie, we would not recommend this weed, and even if you do want to start your journey with something like Purple Diamond, the best idea is to do it with someone more experienced and to take it slow.

Even though it is impossible to overdose on weed and nothing bad is going to happen to you, nobody likes a bad trip. So, you should be responsible for what you put in your body and try not to rush it. Moderation is the key to an enjoyable and healthy experience with cannabis, so be smart. Use this anchor text closer to the beginning of the article

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