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Real estate classifieds sites from particular to individual

There are a significant number of real estate ad sites between individuals. The first step in a non-agency purchase is to identify apartments and homes for sale on Le Bon Coin, or in any other site that broadcasts real estate ads without intermediaries like the leader of the PAP sector. check it

Sites like SeLoger only contain real estate agency ads. However, nothing prevents you from spotting a house or apartment for sale by an agency and then looking for whether that same property is not also for sale from private to individual. This is usually the case when there is no exclusive signed sales mandate for the sale of this property. It is up to you to analyze the offers offered directly by sellers.

Is the sale price competitive even without agency fees?

One of the drawbacks of buying a property without an agency is the prices demanded by the sellers. Indeed, you will find everything in terms of price: both bargains and surreal prices. This is particularly the case on free ad sites where real sellers and people who try to sell the land at a price much higher than that actually worth the apartment or house.

To avoid this kind of trap, you need to study your local real estate market and make an estimate of the price of apartments or similar homes. You will find for this different 7 sites estimating house prices, including the DVFbase.

Frequently, the purchase price between individuals is the same or even higher than the sale price with real estate agency fees. This is because some individuals think they can sell their property themselves at the same price as that offered by a real estate agency. Which is often a mistake.

Questions to ask the seller

If you buy from individual to private, there will be no intermediary to provide you with all the information necessary for your purchase. It will be up to you to ask all the important questions before you buy.

There are many points to check before buying a house or apartment. A real estate agent will provide you with a certain amount of information, depending on his involvement in the sale and his professionalism. If you buy without an agency, you will need to get your information directly from the seller.

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Negotiating the purchase price between individuals

The price of a house or apartment is always negotiable. This is all the more true today in a real estate market that is less to the advantage of sellers. Currently, real estate purchases are very commercial. It is not uncommon to get discounts in the order of 10-20% compared to the seller’s initial asking price (see how much can you negotiate the posted price?”).

The challenge of a purchase between individuals is to negotiate the purchase price directly. One of the only advantages of buying with the help of an agency is the fact that the real estate agent is there to find a price to balance the wishes of the seller and the buyer. Knowledge of the local real estate market and commonly charged prices will be an advantage to the real estate agent that you will not have as an individual.

However, as we have seen, there are now many ways to learn and obtain valuable information, especially on the Internet. Tools like Castorus provide real help to individuals in their real estate negotiations. A person who has studied their specific market well will be able to determine if the purchase price is attractive.

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Signing a sales compromise with a notary

From a legal point of view, it is the notary who formalizes the transaction. Whether for purchase without or with the agency, the official signature of the sale always takes place in front of a notary. It is he who guarantees that the transaction will be done in the right way. It is also the notary who collects the real estate taxes to be paid to the state for any sale. This is part of the notary’s fee on a real estate purchase.

Remember that from the date of signing the sales compromise to the notary, you have as a buyer a withdrawal period of 10 days. It is valid without justification. This gives you a few extra days to make sure you make a good purchase under these conditions.

There are no additional guarantees from going through an agency. There is therefore no objection on that side to buying from individual to particular. So don’t hesitate to make an offer to buy.

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