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Social media marketing is an essential component of any business marketing plan. This is an incredible opportunity to reach your customers and potential customers through social media and expand your brand identity. However, using social media requires consistent posting and management.

The role of social media marketing tools is very important here. With nearly three billion active social media users, no brand can any longer afford to ignore its power, presence and importance. However, it is also important to know that the scale, scope and effectiveness of social media have changed over the years.

Social media marketing tools: meaning and introduction

It is true that every business needs to maintain a social media presence for a number of reasons. From increased exposure to branding activities; from customer relationship management to direct sales and revenue improvement; social media is a blessing. However, it is equally important to note that competition between brands on social media has reached a new level. If you don’t use data, insights, and analytics, your brand will be left behind. Beyond content creation, brands need to focus on ten different things that will help them gain an edge over the competition.

POSTOPLAN: What is it?

Postoplan is a social media marketing tool that was developed by a team of brilliant tech nerds in 2018. They wanted to create something useful, effective, and most importantly, FREE! If you visit the website, they will state that the drive to create such a platform stemmed from a disruption in their current service. Postoplan is powered by the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp

One of the main reasons Postoplan is popular in the industry, especially among the startup community, is because their basic plan is free. You might think that Baseline means that no features or functionality will or will not work. Wrong! The basic plan includes 90% of all the features that paid plans offer.

Key features of POSTOPLAN

In this part, we will seem at the major features and benefits of POSTOPLAN.

 Schedule social media posts to stay your schedule reliable:

A reliable social media redistribution agenda can assist you uphold usual engagement with your audience. Sharing content regularly will ensure your content is always fresh and will improve SEO for your brand. Whether you are trying to communicate important information to your customers or position yourself as an industry leader, posting messages on an agreed schedule is absolutely necessary.

POSTOPLAN allows you to schedule posts on your social networks. You can post Good Tips Tuesday or Friday Fun every week without setting up each post separately. These listed posts will add to appointment with your viewers and keep your content up to date.

Save time by scheduling content posting on social networks:

Content reconfiguration can save your marketing team a significant amount of time. Instead of wasting time creating social media posts every day or week, you can use Postoplan to post group messages. Postoplan’s workflows are designed to make your job easier. Taking the time to bulk customize your posts will reduce the number of emergencies for your social media marketing plan. When bigger marketing challenges arise, you can relax knowing that your social media strategies have already been taken care of.

Automate your work on social networks:

Not every business can commit resources to a full-time social media manager or team. With Postoplan, you can automate many social media marketing tasks to reduce the burden on your marketing team. If your business has regular promotions, special offers, or reminders, you can easily automate these posts.

Access your brand’s full social media content calendar to see exactly what posts are scheduled for each day. You can easily make the necessary changes or let the schedule run automatically. With status notifications, you get updates when scheduled posts are published, so you know your schedule is on track.

Stay up to date with social media messages:

Responding to messages on social media in a timely manner is important to maintain engagement. Interrelate with clients to answer questions, make advice, and give precious information on your products and services can all be completed through social media. Also, communicating with leads and possible clients is frequently done on social media channels.

Customize Postoplan to fit your brand needs:

Every business operates differently, so Postoplan is flexible enough to adapt to your specific needs. You can split your social media marketing strategies into separate projects and manage your account on a per-project basis. You can also manage your account through the social media platform if you like.

Support for all your social media channels:

Postoplan supports your brand on a wide variety of social media platforms. You can reach your audience through the channels they frequent and grow your social media presence with ease. From scheduling posts to post notifications, you can use Postoplan with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Telegram.

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