Exploring the Different Types of Pool Decking Materials

Best 3 Types of Pool Decking Materials

Are you seeking to spruce up your pool decking? Maybe you’re beginning from scratch, or possibly you’re aiming to offer an existing pool place a much-needed facelift. Either manner, deciding on the proper fabric for your pool deck is a selection that calls for careful attention.

It’s no longer just about the classy enchantment. It’s also about long-term durability, renovation requirements, and of path, the protection components.

But how do you even begin to choose which fabric to apply? We’ve got you. In this article, we’re going to delve into exploring the special sorts of pool decking materials to be had.


Concrete is, really, one of the exceptional pool deck substances. It’s with no trouble available and distinctly flexible. You could make it textured or smooth. You can add color pigments to healthy your outside décor. You may even contain precise designs like stamped patterns.

Concrete is likewise low renovation. All you need is normal cleaning with a hose or strain washing machine. Its additional rate range is satisfactory, making it an ideal preference for the ones in a decent fee range.

However, concrete does have its drawbacks. With time, it may increase cracks and turn out to be slippery if now not nicely sealed. So if you live in Canada and you don’t hire a reliable deck builder in Aurora, pool deck safety may be an issue for you.

If herbal beauty is what you’re after, wooden decking on your pool is the way to move. It’s heat and welcoming, giving your pool place an herbal sense.

However, now not all timber types are suitable for pool decking. You want to pick a wood that is resistant to moisture and rotting, which incorporates redwood, cedar, or teak. These woods also are a good deal less vulnerable to splintering, making them more secure for barefoot use.

Wood decking additionally requires normal safety. This includes sealing and marking every few years. It’s additionally a more costly choice in comparison to concrete.


Composite pool decking is crafted from an aggregate of natural wooden fibers and plastic. This makes it proof in opposition to moisture, rotting, and bug harm.  It additionally does not require the same degree of preservation that natural timber does.

The excellent element approximately composite decking is that it gives you the herbal appearance of wood without the splinters and rotting issues. It can also be made to mimic numerous herbal wooden grains.

However, this material can get pretty warm underfoot in direct daylight. So among out of doors pool surfaces, it cannot be the maximum snug choice.


Stone decking is one of the most steeply-priced and elegant options available for pools. It’s natural and durable, making it a wonderful lengthy-term funding.

Various styles of natural stone can be used for long-lasting decking. This consists of travertine, limestone, and slate. These stones are resistant to water, heat, and harsh chemicals used in pool cleaning. They also come in a range of natural colors and textures that can enhance your pool area.

Choose the Pool Decking Material That Suits You Best

When it includes selecting the proper pool decking material, there is no individual-duration-suits-all solution. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, your aesthetic alternatives will depend upon your specific desires and alternatives.

At the stop of the day, your pool area ought to be a place of relaxation and entertainment. So make certain it fits your style and needs so you can experience many satisfied hours by way of the pool.

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