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Those of you with older dogs or little dogs, you know how hard it is for your small pets to climb into their favorite sleeping spot on the bed, so a wooden ladder desk comes in handy. One cool thing about them is they convert easily into a ramp. This post will tell you how to build your very own do-it-yourself wooden ladder desk for your pet dog or cat.

How to Build a Wooden Ladder Desk for Your Pet

The project is made with ¾ inch plywood, so you will have to purchase that. The space where you build it must be spacious enough to fit full sheets of plywood. You only need one sheet to get this job done. The steps to build a wooden ladder desk for your pet include:

  1. Make a cut diagram on the plywood. Then break the plywood down according to the cut diagram, using an edge guide and a circular saw. Don’t be afraid to get into your work.
  2. Once you have cross-cut into the main sections, begin ripping the various project parts.
  3. The stringers have a 50-degree angle cut at the bottom, and a 40-degree angle cut at the top. The legs also have a 40-degree angle cut at the bottom.
  4. With the stringers clamped together, make careful measurements for the various 3/8-inch holes. Most holes are half an inch deep, but some do go all the way through.
  5. For the through-hole, and the stringers, first, start with a 3/4-inch forstner bit hole.
  6. Then drill the 3/8-inch hole all the way through. This should allow the bolt to sit flush with the surface.
  7. Using the same bit, drill 1-inch-deep holes into the ends of the treads and risers. Use some glue to attach the tread cleats to the underside of the treads.
  8. Once the glue is dry, use a small roundover bit, or sandpaper, to ease all the edges.
  9. Now cut some 3/8 dowel stock to just a hair over 1¼ inch.
  10. Glue the dowels into the treads and risers.
  11. Now drop the treads and risers into the respective holes, and attach the second riser on the other side.
  12. To secure the whole assembly, pre-drill and attach the two short stretchers with screws.
  13. Use the 3/8-inch bit to help align the leg. Make sure it’s nice and square to the edge, and strike a line with a pen or pencil. This line shows us where to install the third long stretcher, which also serves as a stop for the legs.
  14. Attach the legs by inserting a bolt up through the hole in the stringer. Add a washer between the leg and the stringer to act as a spacer.
  15. Now, finish it off with another washer and a lock nut.
  16. Repeat the process on the other side.
  17. Finally, attach the leg stretcher to the legs.
  18. Give it a test run!

For additional safety, add some adhesive backed grip tape to the treads. This finishes the wooden ladder desk project! If you are not a dog or a cat person, and rather like to keep birds, we have an entire range of wooden items to keep them active too, such as this wooden swing ring for small birds. It benefits the mental as well as physical health of your pet birds, strengthening their neuro-muscular coordination and overall balance. It also helps your pet parrot vent emotions, as they tend to chew the ring when upset. It also has a bell at its bottom to make it more attractive to your pet bird.

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