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Path of Exile – What are Exalted Orbs?

If you want to learn everything you need to know about Exalted Orbs, then here is the information you need.

If you are new to Path of Exile, then odds are you are finding that you have quite a lot to get your head around. You may be curious about how PoE currency works, or how you can swap and sell items on platforms such as PoE Trade. One feature that is important to know about is the Exalted Orb, which plays a vital role in the game.

What is an Exalted Orb?

In Path of Exile, you don’t see the typical kind of currencies that you would normally see in a game such as this. Usually, you are looking at the likes of gold or coins when spending in-game money. However, Path of Exile opts for orbs and scrolls to use as forms of currency, and the Exalted Orb is a type of currency that you will want to get your hands on.

It is one of the three forms of currency that are commonly used when you are exchanging items with fellow players. There are other forms for uses such as this, including Chaos Orbs which have a lower value, and Mirror of Kalandra which is value a lot higher.

Where to Find Exalted Orbs

It is worth mentioning that even though the Exalted Orb is valuable, it isn’t the easiest to find. They are a form of rare currency that you will find in a number of places. These include monsters that you have defeated, containers, and chests. You can also get them from Arcanist’s Stronboxes, as well as recipes such as beastcrafting and others. The rarest currency in the game is the previously mentioned Mirror of Kalandra, and you can use a non-profitable recipe to downgrade it for Exalted Orbs. Speaking of recipes, if you manage to get an Exalted Shard, you can use it to be combined into an Exalted Orb. If you are going to use this vendor recipe, however, you should know that it might not be profitable since you are going to be using an Influenced item that could be worth more in trade leagues than Exalted Shards.

Another way of getting them is going to the Azurite Mine and farming Gilded Fossils. There is a chance that this fossil can be used to craft items, that can then in turn be used to be sold for Exalted Orbs.

Where to Spend Exalted Orbs

So, you are now aware that these orbs are of high value in Path of Exile. So, as you can expect, they play a massive part in the game’s economy, with the purpose to make high-end rare items. This is the reason why they are so highly regarded by players, since when it comes to trading between players you will finding deals being listed surrounding Exalted Orbs. What a lot of players do opt for is to trade these orbs for equipment for high value, instead of consuming them instead.

If you are a powerful player or one that is at least wealthy, then using Exalted Orbs can be used on powerful rare weaponry. There are a couple of ways in which you can consume as well, firstly being using the orb itself. This adds a random affix to the desired rare item if it hasn’t got six affixes already. Another way of consuming is to add higher-end affixes using the Crafting Bench. This requires you to pay a certain number of Exalted Orbs if you want to use this method. It does, however, give you access to meta-crafting mods that you would not usually be able to roll.

So that is pretty much everything that you would need to know about what Exalted Orbs are. You might be wondering why Path of Exile opted to use such a form of currency as opposed to the usual kind that we find in PRGs. This is just another feature that sets PoE apart from its competition, as the free-to-play ARPG stands out from the crowd in more ways than one. If you happen to be a fan of these kinds of games, then Path of Exile is certainly worth taking a look into if you have the time to put into textsheet alternative.

What is for certain is that there is a wealth of content for you to be getting on with if you do choose to delve into the world of Path of Exile. Now that you have a bit more knowledge about how the Exalted Orb works and PoE currency in general, you should be good to go on working towards those high-end items that you have been looking for. It is worth researching other forms of currency in Path of Exile too, so you can make the most of what you get out of playing the ARPG.

Have you discovered Exalted Orbs as a new player? Let us know in the comments section below!

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