Stylish Design Options for Your Oval Conference Table

Stylish Design Options for Your Oval Conference Table

Are you making plans to revitalize your office area with a new oval convention desk? An Oval Conference Table can enhance the aesthetics of your workspace. It’s not just a bit of a fixture; it’s a declaration of fashion, consolation, and capability.

But how do you decide on the precise design? What elements must you bear in mind to ensure your table is attractive and functional?

This guide pursues to offer you quite a few fashionable layout alternatives for your oval conference table. It’s time to let your meeting room replicate your employer’s personality and passion. Are you ready to explore?

Material Matters

The first step in deciding on the suitable design for your oval conference desk is choosing the cloth. The sort of fabric you choose will impact the look and sense of your desk. Here are some popular options to recollect:


A traditional preference, wood provides warmth and sophistication to any space. With numerous hues, grains, and finishes to be had, you may discover a wood that complements your workplace decor. Whether you choose an easy and current aesthetic or an extra conventional appearance, incorporating timber into your workplace tables can increase the design and create welcoming surroundings.


Sleek and cutting-edge glass tables are best for developing an open, ethereal feel within the conference room. They also allow natural mild to pass through, making the gap sense extra spacious.


For a modern and business appearance, metallic is a great alternative. It’s long-lasting and clean to preserve, ideal for high-site visitors regions.


Consider a marble oval conference table if you want to make a formidable and high-priced assertion. With its unique styles and hues, each marble piece is one-of-a-kind.

Shape and Size

The shape and size of your oval convention desk will depend upon the size of your meeting room and the number of humans you need to accommodate. Here are a few options to don’t forget:

Standard Oval

This conventional form is good for smaller convention rooms and may match 6-8 human beings. With its sleek layout and flexible size, this assembly desk is best for effective discussions and collaborative painting periods.

Racetrack Oval

With curved ends, this oval table provides a modern look and ample workspace. It is perfect for office furniture and can seat 8-10 people, making it ideal for collaborative meetings and team discussions.

Boat-Shaped Oval

This designed form functions as a more comprehensive middle section that tapers off closer to the ends. It allows for enough seating space and creates a spacious environment.

With its generous dimensions, this versatile conference table contains 10-12 people. It makes it a high-quality desire for larger convention rooms or collaborative workspaces where comfort and functionality are of maximum importance.

Leg Options

The type of legs you choose for your oval conference table affects its appearance, stability, and functionality. Here are some leg options to consider:

Standard Legs

These are the most common legs for conference tables. They provide stability and come in various styles, including straight, tapered, and angled.

Trestle Legs

With a horizontal support beam between two legs, trestle legs offer a more open look while still providing stability. Their design is a mix of traditional and modern styles. Trestle legs are versatile and blend well with any decor.

Pedestal Legs

A single central support column provides a sleek and modern look while offering stability and ample legroom for those seated around the table. They are a popular choice for smaller conference rooms.

Cable Management

In today’s technology-driven world, it’s vital to consider cable management when choosing your oval conference table design. Here are some options to keep wires and cables organized:


Grommets, also known as cable management openings, are small but essential features on a table’s surface. They serve the purpose of allowing cords to pass through, ensuring a clean and organized workspace. With their simple yet effective design, grommets provide a convenient solution for keeping cables neatly hidden from view, reducing clutter, and enhancing the aesthetic of the area.

Cable Trays

These cable trays are designed to be discreetly installed underneath the table, creating a seamless and organized space for wires and cables. With their innovative design, they ensure that all your technology requirements are met, making them an ideal choice for larger tables with a multitude of wiring needs.

Power Modules

You might consider placing power modules on or tucked underneath your oval conference table for convenient access to power outlets. Doing so can cut the hassle of using extension cords and ensure that unsightly wires are kept neatly out of sight, providing a sleek and efficient workspace environment.

Additional Features

Consider adding some additional features to make your oval conference table even more functional. These include:

Built-in Charging Ports

With the rise of remote work, it’s essential to have a place to charge devices during meetings. Consider adding built-in charging ports to your table for added convenience.


If your conference room is multi-purpose, a flip-top feature allows the table to be easily folded and stored when not in use. It frees up space and makes the room more versatile.

Built-in Storage

Consider adding built-in storage compartments to your oval conference table design to keep meeting essentials like pens, paper, and documents within reach. This keeps the workspace clutter-free and organized.

Discovering a Design for an Oval Conference Table

An oval conference table is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a reflection of your company’s ideals, character, and style. From the choice of material and size to leg options, cable management, and additional features, each aspect contributes to the ambiance and functionality of the space.

Remember, the design of your oval conference table can impact how your team collaborates, communicates, and performs. So choose wisely, keeping both aesthetics and functionality in mind. Let your oval conference table be the centerpiece that inspires creativity, promotes collaboration, and exudes your company’s unique style.

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