NBA 2K21 Galaxy Anthony Davis player card analysis

The strength of NBA 2K21 Anthony Davis in this season is evident to all. It has brought considerable improvements to the Lakers on both ends of the offense and defense. Below, please see the analysis of the NBA 2K21 Galaxy Anthony Davis player card shared by NBA2K21MT. I hope it can be for all players. Bring some help.

Player profile-Anthony Davis

Davis can be described as a template for modern basketball inside players. He has a point guard’s skill, shooting as accurately as a point guard, and the ability to attack the basket and protect the frame necessary for inside players, and his wingspan and physical fitness are also First class in the world. However, the Pelican has been squandered for several years and failed to achieve success. Instead, he has attracted various questions about him. This also made the always loyal Davis worried and decided to accept Emperor James recruitment to go to the “City of Angels.” I won the championship in my first season here. The Davis wearing the purple and gold jersey are like “carp flying over the dragon gate” and finally turning into a dragon!

Attribute analysis

Attribute highlights: 89 three points +87 two-speed +99 blocking tendency +100 sudden buckle tendency

Attribute weakness: 84 ball possession +81 dribble speed

Attribute comments: Although I wrote the ball control and luck on the attributes’ weak points, these two attributes are already considered excellent in the interior. However, there is still room and need for improvement. This Galaxy has hardly any flaws in details. Except for passing a little bit, other abilities are at least above 80, and his various tendencies are also excellent, with many full marks in dunk and defensive biases.

Badge analysis

Number of badges: 33 gold 21 purple

Highlights of the badge: First Step Master, Hot Spot Hunter, Master Punch, Defensive Deterrence. Additional suggestions: defensive core, organizational core, veteran dribble, ten cents, strong shot master (next generation).

Badge Comments: There are as many as 21 purple badges with Davis in Galaxy, and it is the first insider with a purple first step. There are also many vital badges of different types. You can add some dribble badges to improve his ball-holding ability or add ten. Divide and organize the core to improve his coping ability.

Modeling analysis

Although the height of 2.08 meters Davis is not prominent among the interior players, he can still become the best modeling power forward with his 2.26 meters wingspan and broad physique, even better than the 2.10 meters Garnett and Garnett. Duncan is good, and the degree of restoration is very high!

Player comparison

Compared with the current top power forwards, although the Davis are slightly weaker than Webber and McHale in shooting, the overall ability is the best, especially the finishing ability is too strong!


The thick eyebrow should be the first player I gave a full score of 5 stars. In a few days of actual combat, he did not find any fatal shortcomings. It can be applied to any lineup and any tactics, whether you are a five foreign party or traditional basketball. Lovers, Davis will become your perfect candidate! If you want To purchase Davis player Card using NBA 2K21 MT from on the internet retailer, a legit web site is very critical. NBA2K21MT is usually a trustable game MT Coins shop from which players all about the planet could invest in safe and speedy game MT Coins. You could search it and stop by the official internet site. If you need to have additional information and facts, it is possible to seek advice from customer support.

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