Myths Running in Astrology: Astrology and Myths Associated with It

The implementation of analyzing the stars to gain discernment into our lives has been there for years, and yet it is still miserably misunderstood. While flicking through an online astrology prediction on websites is definitely amusing, it doesn’t reveal the true meaning of this husky equipment that we could use to give direction to our world.

In reality, astrology allows every individual to take authority of their life in some manner and ultimately satisfy their self-destiny. But to figure out this crucial road chart to application, some myths need to be eliminated. Let us see what they are:

Astrology is no science but juju magic

Those who don’t accept astrology often call it a mystical mystery. But you know what? In actuality it is not. Astrology totally depends on how the world looks at the moment and the day you came to the world. 

The primary element in astrology is a birth chart made with details about where and when you were born. In other words, it generally imprints how the stars, planets, and the universe seemed at that very moment. 

And because it is a divine science, the astrologers who are experts at this are called Jyotish, meaning “Science of Light.” The light that shows us our way ahead in life. It is definitely not the kind of science you studied in school, but still, it is not Swish and Flick magical stuff as well!

Astrology can alter the future

It is the most dangerous belief that astrology can alter the future you carry. Well, it does not. Changing your destiny is in your hand, not anybody’s. The purpose of astrology is to become the guide that authorizes you to make considering decisions and skip off the ditches in life. 

Be it a kundli report, numerological predictions, or psychic readings, all focus to help you to align with the understanding of the universe. When you seem non-aligned or the situations keep going the other way round, it can guide you through better decisions. 

In other words, astrology provides you a moment or chance to improve your life a little by some decisions and choices. 

Astrology is just the horoscope section of the newspaper

Big no! It does not constrict the 12 zodiac predictions or some horoscope section you see in the newspaper. What you read in the newspaper is a thing too, but astrology is way beyond that. Try going for free kundli reading online, and you would realize that there is so much far and between things in the two of them. 

Vedic astrology profoundly depends on reincarnation and karma. Furthermore, it also says that when a person dies, their subconscious mind takes a journey with the soul and carries not just the individual’s emotions, memories or experiences but also accumulated karma. 

Your birth chart created when you were born is a nut of events of your karma and forms your destiny in this life. In other words, your natal chart is the blueprint of your happenings, put in writing in a language that astrologers effortlessly understand. 

Isn’t this so much more than the weekly or daily horoscope you read in a magazine or newspaper?

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