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Multitalented violinist, composer, and producer Asher Laub’s “Exodus” medley is compelling.

In commemoration of the liberation of Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt, Asher Laub, an internationally acclaimed multi talented violinist, composer, and producer, has decided to honor ‘The Passover Seder’- a Jewish ritual feast with that 4-piece medley appropriately titled “Exodus.”


The “Exodus” medley is a concoction of four traditional songs, namely, “Kadesh,” “Avadim Hayinu,” “Halachma,” and “Ma Nishtana.” This is a blend of a plethora of musical tools that create an astounding soul. The instrumentation of the violin with the tympany, brass, strings, and winds brings fresh arrangements that have reimagined sound explorations, resulting in a superb music demonstration that fits perfectly with the “Exodus” essence and narrative.


“Kadesh” features an ascending violin that lays the foundation as it soulfully builds up and seamlessly blends with the brass section to fashion a glamorous symphony that speaks to the bravery and willpower of the Israelites.


“Avadim Hayinu” features a captivating string section that amalgamates with the ever-present violin to add sonic elegance, flair, and crystal-clear polish to the arrangement. This arrangement here feels grand in scope and wonderfully expressive in execution.


There is plenty of soul and emotion in the third piece, “Halachma,” as this is when the unleavened bread is broken to signify the last night before the “Exodus.” The track is lively, flanked by that transcendental percussion section to capture the depth of emotions.

The fourth and final piece, “Ma Nishtana,” embodies freedom at last and is quite cinematic and deeply emotional. The full-bodied violin comes alive again and takes the piece to a climaxing end!


“Exodus” is an eclectic masterpiece with diverse sonic exchanges and dynamic music interplay that will make you move and groove to its spectacular soulful arrangement.

Asher Laub has won widespread critical acclaim for his classic and compelling compositions, which experimented with traditional sound progressions with inventive finesse; “Exodus” is a shining example.


To listen to this stupendous composition, follow the attached Spotify link and add the track to your playlist.


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