Multihead Weigher

Multi-head weighers utilize quite a few distinct weigh heads to create precise dimensions of merchandise by calculating the weight at every weigh mind. They are also called combination weigher, The procedure starts when merchandise is fed to the surface of the multi head weigher, where a dispersal system, normally a rotating or vibrating top cone, then distributes the item to a string of linear feed dishes. A succession of drapes are typically placed round the nut to guarantee an even amount of merchandise is readily available for supply to the feed hoppers. The feed plates vibrate separately.  The amplitude and period of vibration could also be varied to increase or reduce the vibration based on the qualities of the item.  For tacky products a great deal of vibration will be demanded whereas for free streaming products a minimum quantity of vibration is going to be asked to find the merchandise going.

Every single linear feeder will send some merchandise to a feed hopper.  For instance in a 10 mind multihead Weigher there’ll likely be 10 Linear feeders providing goods to 10 feed hoppers.Once each and every delivery right into the feed hoppers the nut that is linear will probably stop stirring and wait again until the feed hoppers have emptied their contents into this weigh hoppers prior to starting .  Each consider hopper comes with a very accurate load mobile.

This load cell may figure out the weight of merchandise from the weigh hopper. The chip in the multihead Weigher will then compute the best mix of weights necessary to attain the desired goal weight.That is the reason Multihead weighers are sometimes known as Blend weighers.

When the calculation is complete it will start the chosen weigh hoppers and release the correctly weighed portion in your bagging system or merchandise openings. The further Weigh heads on your own multi-head weighing system, the quicker it can compute a right mix, and also the more accurately weighed pieces of merchandise could be generated at precisely the exact same time frame.


The linear weigher consists of a Weigh bucket with two string of feeding lanes. After the established weight is all but attained the rough vibration ceases and the nice vibration feeds the final of this item up to the last weight. The scales are commanded with a user friendly touch display. Complement this weighhead together with our high quality sealing and forming machine to make an Automatic Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machine. All these Weighing systems operate well with different weight conditions, different shaped goods or Vertical weighing of a couple of products. Programs include: Nuts, dried fruits, little pasta bits, pet food, powder, little granules, pellets and a lot more. 

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