What Is a TV Streaming Service

Moving Doesn’t Have to Interupt Your TV Shows: Stream Them

Moving does not mean that you have to stop watching all your favorite shows. With the world of social media constantly giving out spoilers, SmartMove understands the importance of keeping up. That is why we want to help you find top wireless and streaming services so when you are ready to wind down, you can watch your favorite episodes on the road. These convenient services mean that moving doesn’t have to interrupt your TV shows. Streaming them is now easier than ever, thanks to these on-demand services.

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What Is a TV Streaming Service?

There are two main options when it comes to streaming services: on-demand services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and live streaming, such as Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV, which offers services that are much like traditional cable television. On-demand streaming services often offer original shows and movies and licensed shows that can be streamed anytime. This gives you the freedom to watch movies or TV shows anywhere you like. This revolutionary service has changed the way families watch television. You can catch new releases in your living room or on the road, such as during a move.

Top Streaming Services

Several major streaming services enable you to watch TV anywhere you want. Here are some of the top favorite streaming services:

  • Netflix. This streaming service has come a long way since it offered DVD delivery right to your door. It now offers several great original series and movies and has just about every genre of other television and movies. You can also select how many screens you need for viewing, which is part of what determines your monthly cost. 
  • Hulu. Another top streaming service is Hulu, which offers originals as well as other classic and recent TV shows and movies, including current series released by TV providers such as ABC, The CW, and more. If you opt for Hulu + Live TV, you cab watch current shows as they air.
  • Disney Plus. This family favorite has your favorite Disney movies and TV shows, along with superhero movies from Marvel Studios and more. Perhaps the most famous production is “Hamilton.” The streaming service lets you download shows to watch on the go, provides early access to new releases, and highlights favorites to keep searching simple. 
  • Amazon Prime Video. Do you pay for Amazon Prime? If so, you can access a vast catalog of TV series and movies through Amazon Prime Video, including originals.

What If I Do Not Have Internet Service?

The popular on-demand TV services offer options for when you are not able to access the internet. You may download certain shows. Some may come with expiration dates after downloading or viewing, so keep an eye on that. This feature comes in handy in the event you are moving a long distance and will not have access to Wi-Fi. Other services offer wireless hot spots across the country that you can access while on the road, making it easy to stay up to date on your favorite shows and latest movies.

To download from online streaming services, you must have access to cellular data or Wi-Fi. SmartMove can help you connect with top internet TV providers to get you the speeds you need for downloading and streaming TV. 

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