Mobile App: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

The idea of creating a mobile app for your business can feel quite overwhelming. But with 230 billion app downloads in 2021, it’s hard to ignore the potential customer base your company is missing out on by not creating a business app.

Not only can your business engage a new customer base, but apps have the power to improve customer loyalty and communication. Opening new channels with your customers and potential customers can give a sense of loyalty to your app user base, making them less likely to jump ship to a competitor.

Make It Useful

Owning and using a smartphone or tablet provides its user with easy access to the internet and many of its services in a convenient, on-the-go fashion. 

Your app needs to provide something valuable to its potential user base. Starbucks, Costa, and other coffee chains offer loyalty cards, special offers, and order ahead options in their apps. 

Other businesses share essential information about their industry or offer a platform to find more information. Look at other companies, especially in sectors adjacent to yours, and how they’ve embraced an app to promote their brand and apply that intelligence to your own.

Create A Reward Loop

Repeated use of an app creates a habit using the Trigger, Action, Reward loop. This loop can be put into any style of app, whether a game or a customer loyalty scheme. 

Apps like Duolingo reward you for consistency, so the habit formed fairly quickly after downloading. All of the most popular apps use loops like this. However, customers won’t use your app as frequently as you’d like without a trigger to kick this off.

If the app is used less than once per week, it’s unlikely to be able to create a consistent habit for your users, so your trigger will need to use functions like push notifications or gamify some of your tasks.

Communicate With Your Users

The importance of communication with your users and customer base cannot be overstated—especially two-way communication. 

The happiest customers can communicate quickly and easily with a company’s customer service, expressing whatever emotion they feel and having it dealt with appropriately.  

When brands act on communication and feedback, customers feel part of the process and like their comments make a difference. This kind of feeling can increase loyalty to your brand and help with customer retention.

Outsource All The Work

App development isn’t something you can pick up and suddenly have all the answers. Some developers specialize in front-end, some in back-end and others in DevOps.

Outsourcing your app development to experts in their field could be one of the best decisions you make. Something like this award winning mobile app development company.

Customers appreciate when companies secure their data and provide quality products or valuable services. 

Not only will these companies give you this quality product design, but they’ll know what works for your industry and what is proven to fail. Take the advice from the experts, and spend your time focusing on the content.

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