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Minimal Eye Makeup Looks to Rock Everyday

At the zenith of summer, when the temperatures are hot, days are long, and work schedule is jam-packed, the last thing you want to do is apply heavy or fussy eye makeup. Instead, every one of us wants eye look makeup that is minimal and memorable. A simple eye makeup look that makes your best features pop can be magnetizing enough to attract everybody’s attention. While bold eyes can work as a great confidence booster, on the other hand, winged eyeliner will enhance your beautiful eyes. Simple yet elegant, effortless, and manageable, you can achieve all these looks through our simple eye look makeup guide. 

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To rouse you into brushing up your minimal eye makeup look and move on from just depending on your good kajal, here are 4 basic eye look makeup that will steal the show, for sure!

  1. Smoke it Up

Make it smokey with a black colour eye shadow stick. The black eye shadow will add definition to your eyes, giving you a natural and prim look. A perfect companion for every occasion, and one of the top choices of every makeup lover. Don’t be shy to pair this minimal eye makeup look with your formal outfits!

You can try brands like SERY Cosmetic’s FocusEye shadow stick to achieve this stunning look. 

  1. The Winged Magic

An eyeliner is perhaps one of the most essential parts of eye makeup. It subtly enhances your eyes. Define your eyes using kohl and eyeliner; the liner’s thin line will add precision to your overall look. Give a little wing to your eyeliner along the edges, and it will make your face appear neater and give major boss lady vibes. Let your eyes do the talking with intense black kajal. Using the multi-tasking kajal stick, you can experiment with different looks. One stroke of kajal will be sufficient for you to make a bold statement with confidence. 

  1. A Voluminous Affair

Amp up your eye makeup game with a dash of mascara. It will instantly add thickness, length, and a darker colour to the lashes. This will draw attention to the eyes and create definition. Add a dose of wakefulness to your eyes and lashes without being over the top. XpressLash Volumizing Mascara from SERY Cosmetics is a must-have in every makeup bag. Its super flexible formula will both lift and curl your lashes while giving an additional ultra-volumizing and lengthening effect to your lashes. Show off your lashes that won’t smudge, clump, or dry out. 

  1. The Glittery Galore 

If minimalism is what you are longing for, then wave goodbye to your bold and bright eye shadow shades to the bottom of your makeup bag and pave the way for sultry neutral and glittery colours like the SERY Cosmetics’ FocusEye Shadow Stick in the Glaze shade. Its weightless application is as light as air and offers incredible comfort to the eyes. Using the seamless blending formula, blend a small amount of golden eye shadow into your crease, and finish the eye makeup look with a thin stroke of black eyeliner. You can experiment with different eyeshadow colours, to enhance your minimal everyday look. 

Build-Up the Extra Oomph with Simplicity

Reliable beauty and cosmetics brand like SERY Cosmetics offers an extensive range of eye makeup products that perfectly fit your hectic everyday schedule. Gear up to create a limitless eye makeup look with some of the best products. You can achieve a unique eye makeup look every day with their portable, smooth and long-lasting range of eye makeup. 

So, make a wise choice and let your eyes be the show-stopper!

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