Mike Giannulis elucidates on healthy food habits during the pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it various difficulties for human beings. These challenges may affect the human race, both emotionally and physically. It is not easy to keep up with the routine amid physical distancing norms. The problem increases if you are at a higher risk of getting infected with the virus. In this scenario, the preparation of meals is a stunning challenge. There are various tips provided by experts for supporting people both mentally and physically.

Take a look at the following points to ensure your overall well being, as explained by Michael Giannulis

• Try to go for nourishing meals like vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and lean protein. These food items may support both mental and physical health during tough times.

• Cut down on your sugar intake, alcohol, and caffeinated drinks. You may opt for healthy beverages like green tea, fruit juices, which may refresh your mind.

• Also, limit your consumption of snacks, fried food, and packaged items. These products have high sugar levels and preservatives, which are not adequate for health.

• Take care of your daily routine and schedules to ease your anxieties and stay grounded. The same thing applies to your meals. Take your meals at regular intervals and abstain from taking stress snacks.

• Staying at home provides you with an opportunity to take your meals with your family members. Moreover, you may cook together and practice mindful eating with them to establish significant relationships.

Grocery shopping tips

• The moment you are outside the house, you get exposed to the virus. To ensure safety, you must plan to limit your exposure to the virus. Try to limit your time in the store and be flexible in case of food items which are temporarily unavailable. Make use of those items which are available.

• Try to incorporate foods in your shopping list which has a longer shelf life. These items include potatoes, carrots, yams, squash, and apples.

• According to Mike Giannulis, you must plan nutritious meals to take care of your physical health. Moreover, when you are in the grocery store, touch only those items you intend to purchase.

Ensure appealing and healthy snacks that are available and visible, like a bowl of carrots or fruits. Go for nutrient-rich snacks such as nuts and dried fruits, boiled eggs, cheese, and chopped wedges. You may also make use of online healthy meal recipes and do experiments with your meal.

Try to involve children in meal planning and also cooking. They may help you accompany simple tasks like reading recipes, learning about vegetables and fruits, and measuring different ingredients. It may be a part of their “distance learning” activity. Serve water or milk to your kids and limit their intake of sugary drinks. You may also include Vitamin C rich drinks like orange juice, which plays an essential role in building immune power.

As in this scenario, it is necessary to strengthen your immunity for fighting the disease. Also, you may get hold of reliable information about immunity booster food items from the digital platform.

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