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John Nolan , Joy TaylorWorks as a mindfulness teacher and therapeutic coach. His background is in counselling, holistic bodywork, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy), hypnosis and transactional analysis.  His special interests are helping people deal with trauma, depression and overcoming adversity.

Painful life is a victim of mental depression or anxiety, keep some time in your own hands, you will find relief No matter how many headaches there are about physical health, but how much everyone is worried about mental health remains a question. As a result of the constant increase in stress in the brain, its effects can be noticed in the body and mind. And there is only one way to deal with this problem, meditation.

Today is World Meditation Day. Meditation is the ability to remove all thoughts and focus on only one thing. Meditation is also a form of meditation, the various problems of society that affect everyone’s mind, to keep oneself mentally away from those subjects for some time.The lasting answer for this condition lies in common treatment and private therapy in havening.

Benefits of meditating:

• Meditation helps to increase concentration. Increases the ability to concentrate on any subject.

• Meditation increases the brain’s ability to hold information, meaning it helps to increase memory.

• Helps to relieve mental fatigue. Meditation eliminates thousands of thoughts, work stress and

physical fatigue throughout the day.

• The chances of suffering from mental depression are also reduced.

• This solves the problem of loneliness, anxiety, etc. It builds a good habit.

• This habit will increase confidence.

• Patience will increase, you will get rid of the problem of getting excited in words.

How to meditate:

• Choose an empty space to meditate.

• When you meditate in the morning, the freshness of nature also touches your mind.

• After light clothes, calm your mind and sit for 20 minutes.

• The environment should be pleasant and clean.

• Now you have to sit straight on the seat and close your eyes.

• You can continue any meditation music. Because it is not possible to bring the mind under one’s

complete control from the first day. It has to be increased through practice.

• Then try to concentrate by remembering one of the focal points in one’s mind. Meditation can also be

done by chanting Om without the help of music.

• Forget all the thoughts around you and relax your brain for a while.

 • Sit still and meditate, in many cases meditation can be started by praying.

Mindfulness Mavericks was begun by John Nolan and Joy Taylor, two Sheffield based Mindfulness/Meditation specialists each with more than 20 years experience and havening therapy in havening in the fields of normal wellbeing improvement, self-awareness and psyche/body mending.

They’ve prepared and concentrated widely with numerous excellent educators in their particular wellbeing and prosperity related fields including Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler (Co-maker of NLP) and Shamash Alidina (Author of Mindfulness for Dummies and a few other care books).

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