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3 Quick Lunch Box Ideas With Mixed Fruit Spread

Think about it: You have to eatthe same lunch every day as a kid. How would you feel? Bored? No wonder our kids get tired of the regular lunch too. Why not give them unique, delicious, and new recipes every day? So, bring out the creative chef in you and start making amazing lunches with basic ingredients like Mixed Fruit Spread, eggs, Mango fruit spread, or fresh fruits.

Delicious and yummy lunch boxes make kids feel your love when away from home. So, prepare it with love. Thus, making the kids feel fresh and stay energetic at schools with your love.

To help you do this, here are three quick lunch box ideas with Fruit Spread which turned out to be a hit with my kids:

French Rolls

Take two slices of bread and removetheir edges. Now using a roller, gently roll the slices so that they become thin. Now spread Mixed Fruit Spread on both the slices. Afterward, gently roll the slices into a cylindrical shape. 

Take a large bowl, add two eggs, and milk to it. Mix it well. Next, take a pan and heat it. Add a small amount of butter to it. Now dip the rolls in the egg-milk mixture and fry it. Remove it from the pan when golden. Serve with some dry fruits and chocolate syrup.

Mango Jam Tart

Take a large bowl and add wheat flour to it. Next, add the chilled butter and little water to mix it well. When ready, let the dough rest in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Now start lining the tart molds and poke with a fork.Place small beans on top of these tarts. Now, bake it for 5-7 minutes at 180 degrees. Remove it from the tart mold. Next, fill the tart shells with Mango Spread or Apple Spread. Garnish with dry fruits or mango peels. 

Fruit Pancake Sandwich

Take a large bowl and add flour to it. Now add baking powder, brown sugar, and milk. Whisk until smooth. Now heat the pan and pour the butter. Pour half a cup mixture into the pan to make small pancakes. Now add Mixed Fruit Spread to each pancake. Also, add chopped fruits like bananas, pineapples, and apples. Add the fruits to thepancake when one side is done. Then turn them over. Cook until golden. Add some dry fruits and drizzle some honey. They pair perfectly with apples coated with chocolate syrup.

Mixed Fruit Spread makes it easy to prepare quick recipes and adds incredible taste to it. Kids also love to share lunch boxes with friends, so having delicious items in theirlunch box; will make them happy and proud. Mom Tip: Add handwritten motivational notes for your child in their lunch box. This makes them happy and secure when they see your message.

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