Laptops Worth Buying

Laptops Worth Buying

Portable laptops, of course, are more convenient in daily work. Thin and light laptops have become mainstream. What kind of thin and light laptop can meet people’s needs? Let’s take a look at this HONOR MagicBook Pro review. Can this laptop satisfy the picky ones?

A good laptop cannot without a good grip. The HONOR MagicBook Pro has an all-metal design with a fine matte finish. It has a nice texture to the touch. It has a unique design on the corners and a passivated finish. Only the right side of the body marks the “HONOR” logo.

At first glance, it’s hard to imagine it’s a slim laptop with a large screen of 16.1-inch. The super narrow bezel design results in 90% ultra-high screen-to-body ratio. The thickest part is 16.9 mm.

It crams a 16.1-inch screen into a 15.6-inch body. The design, officially known as Boundless Full Screen, is innovative in the hiding of the camera in the keyboard keys.

It weighs only 1.7 kg. It’s easy for even petite girls to carry it around.

It has 100% sRGB high-color-gamut display of 16.1 inches. The color reproduction is accurate for general designers and amateur photographers. You don’t need to worry about color cast, which might make image processing difficult.

With strobe-free certification from TUV, it offers double protection against frequent coding. This provides better eye protection for people sitting before a laptop all day.

For users using a laptop for work, the comfort of the keyboard must be one of the top priorities. The HONOR MagicBook Pro has a well-spaced keyboard layout with crisp rebound. It has a wide reserved touch panel.

The integrated design allows you to place your wrist on it while typing. The upper part is the touch to move area. The lower part is the left and right keys. It slides and feels good in the hand. It is sensitive even with multi-finger gestures.

For those who don’t want to disturb the family at night, the HONOR MagicBook Pro supports three-level backlighting. This makes you see the clear keys even in dormitories or dim weather.

HONOR MagicBook Pro is a thin and light laptop with five useful ports. Type C/Transport and HDMI ports are on the left, also the standard USB 3.0 port. 2 standard USB 3.0 ports and 1 3.5 mm headphone jack are on the right. The power supply is of a 65W fast charging.

Many users have experienced feedback. They think the most convenient thing is having PD charging. You can connect it to an external charger for emergencies. You can also use it with a docking station for port expansion.

HONOR MagicBook Pro has its fingerprint sensor touch in the power button.

Its unlocking recognition sensitivity and speed is comparable to the physical fingerprint unlocking of an HONOR phone. The speed and experience are both excellent.

In addition to the exclusive automatic login, you can set up locked files to protect your privacy.

The HONOR MagicBook Pro also has one-touch pass function. This avoids the hassles and slowness of wired or third-party software. You can also drag and drop pictures from your phone to a WODR document for direct use. This is useful, and excellent in using.

This is a great laptop to buy. Buy it right away!

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