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Investment Property Loan Types 2021

Since the start of 2021, stock markets have surged and there’s plenty of liquid cash available to finance an investment property. Banks, however, continue to reject many mortgage loan applications — even for established individuals with impressive income levels and strong credit ratings.

If a bank has denied your application, you may need to obtain funding from the hard money lenders Los Angeles property owners and developers use for their real estate projects. With higher credit limits and quick disbursements, you can achieve your investment goals without being held back by the approval process of a financial institution. The following are some of the popular loan types that professional investors have been turning to in 2021.

Hard Money Loans: Reasons To Consider One

A hard money loan is a commercial real estate financing option available for investors with short-term funding needs personal loans online. For example, if you’ve already listed a property for sale and found an interested buyer, you may benefit from a loan to make some last-minute upgrades or repairs. The general need served by hard money lenders Santa Barbara is to facilitate a smooth transaction without possible “surprise” issues that could stall or break the deal.

If your property has at least 25% equity value, some of the benefits of working with a private lender include:

  • No income or credit score requirements
  • A less invasive due diligence process
  • Funding available up to 75% of a property’s value

Private Money Mortgage Loans: Who Can Apply for One

A hard money loan can be ideal for investors who are willing to use their commercial properties or other hard assets as collateral. If you’re self-employed, retired or buying your first income-producing property, you may apply for a private money mortgage regardless of your prior real estate skills and credit rating.

Unlike a conventional mortgage from a bank, your credit history and financial statements are not the primary factors in a lender’s decision. Your application may be approved based on a property’s current equity value and how you intend to capitalize on it. A residential home that you refurbish and rent out, for example, could provide you with a steady stream of income for the duration of the mortgage. These factors hold more weight with private money lenders than a credit score.

Probate Estate Loans: How You or Your Heirs Can Benefit

California’s lengthy probate process sometimes delays transferring a title of an inherited property to the deceased’s beneficiary. If an estate is facing numerous creditors or taxation issues, it may not be possible to transfer ownership of real estate until the decedent’s preceding financial affairs are resolved.

A probate estate loan provides the estate administrator with funds to settle matters quickly and get through probate. Depending on the value of an estate’s property and assets, this type of loan can provide the means to pay off debts, buy out heirs and prevent escalating tax issues.

Rather than sit on the sidelines waiting for a bank to reduce its mortgage lending standards, a hard money loan could provide you with cash to start generating real estate income over the next few days. Building your investment portfolio can be both uncomplicated and rewarding when you discover there are alternatives to traditional financing.

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