Intro to MaxDiff analysis survey- why should you be interested in it.

Want to know what your customers care more about among your services or products so that you can use your budget to enhance those qualities? Well, MaxDiff analysis is the answer. It is also known as best-worst scaling and requires the visitors to scale some of your listed products or services from best to worst. You can see the responses of people at the end of the survey and get the results about your concerned product/service and see what people rated as their top priority and what as their least. 

MaxDiff analysis is similar to conjoint analysis but it is proved far better than that when you want a single and honest opinion from your customers/visitors. Some common queries and information about MaxDiff analysis are covered below.

Why should you go with a MaxDiff analysis survey?

MaxDiff analysis (maximum difference) is a perfect way to get useful information about a certain thing if you want to get it better or want to know what your audience wants the most. It is a good marketing strategy to win the hearts of people and stand out among other service providers because you have kind of studied your audience with the help of analysis and better know your strengths and weaknesses. 

For example, you own a clothing brand and want to increase sales or get more leads. The best strategy is to get a knowledge of what your customers like the most about your products and what they do not like. You place a MaxDiff analysis to make your customers choose the best and worst parts of your product. If they like quality rather than price, they will choose this option as the best and vice versa. 

Benefits of MaxDiff analysis survey:

MaxDiff analysis is used under situations when you want people to trade-off. Other ratings and surveys are not that honest as MaxDiff-analysis because people must choose one option among several others. They leave all other options to scale a certain one as best and that shows they want that attribute or service.

You would end up having a lot of responses from the customers and will know what the most people voted for. You can work on your brand keeping these answers under consideration and can create more value. MaxDiff analysis solves the following problems mainly:

  • Know what people choose most over other alternatives. They can rate their priority on a scale of 10 or choose direct options of best/worst according to their taste.
  • You can change the scale or best-worst option with other words like a top priority, more likely, not bad, etc. to get the attention of the audience. 

Process of creating a MaxDiff survey:

The process of creating a MaxDiff analysis survey is simple. You survey as normal and add a question of MaxDiff analysis where you think is the best fit. You can add a lot of options in a single set or make some sets consisting of options you want your audience to choose from. It is an ideal way to repeat the same options in the sets at least three times. You would get a more honest answer this way. 

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