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Let me introduce an app, InstaPro, that will help you to do these things like taking screenshots of Instagram posts, or downloading a simple Instagram video.

Tired of taking screenshots of Instagram posts? Then later on cropping those images can be really frustrating. Sometimes if you want to download a simple Instagram video you have to screen record the entire video and then send it to your friends, or you look for a third party website that helps you to do these basic things but then they show a lot of ads or sometimes they don’t allow you to download anything instapro.apk download.

Even I have used to do the same thing and trust me it’s no fun. Going through a lot of websites and then downloading a simple video is just a waste of time. Sometimes these websites are not safe because if those websites ask you for your Instagram details there are chances your account may get blocked. You can do all this with this app InstaPro.

What is InstaPro?

InstaPro is the mod of original Instagram Pro which helps the users to download Instagram posts, stories, reels & IGTV videos. If you want to download anything from Instagram, you don’t need a third-party app for it. Everything can be done with one app. There are a lot of privacy-related features which can help you stay anonymous while browsing through Instagram.

Is InstaPro Safe?

Not sure about the right answer to this question, but to most researches, it is shown that InstaPro is safe. I cannot guarantee that the app is safe, but it is better than other websites.

Features of InstaPro

You can copy anyone’s bio by just clicking on that bio, or can copy anyone’s comment by holding the comment you want to copy and then you will see an option to copy the comment. Easily download images, videos, stories, reels, and IGTV videos with a click using InstaPro.

View anyone’s profile picture by just holding on to that picture. Enjoy themes with this app and do the basic customization. View and check anyone’s Instagram story without them knowing about it. You don’t need to download a separate app locker for that app because there is an option to lock the InstaPro built inside.

With the help of this app, you can easily hide the view of the story and typing status whenever you’re writing the message. You won’t be able to see any ads and if you want to enable the ads or hide the ads there is an option for that in the app. If someone is unfollowing you then you will get an alert about the same. Can easily translate the comments and the posts? There is an option available for that too in 

Don’t worry about the quality of the images anymore because you can upload and see images in full quality using this mod. You can also download the pictures in max quality. If you’re trying to download the images, videos, or stories then you won’t see any watermark on those stories of instapro apk.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the ban anymore because this app is completely safe. Also, you don’t need to have a rooted phone or an Xposed Framework to try and use InstaPro.

Final words

 InstaPro APK does for you almost all enabled teachers with working values that I briefly define in the pro version and their alternatives available other than the original Instagram which is not fully equipped with the latest additional features which are built-in please latest modified version of install pro APK. In this Apk you will enjoy all the features, benefits, and extra functionality. It enables you to modify the original and official Instagram according to your mind with the choice of desired values.

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