Installation of closure wigs

Closure wigs are soon becoming popular among women all over the world. Regardless of hair type and skin tone, women are increasingly embracing the closure wigs and choosing them over others. If you’re asking why closure wigs are so mainstream, there are a number of reasons, ranging from calm to basic installation.

The basic explanation that most women like about the closure wig is that they create hair that looks very normal, thus improving when the image of their human hair is introduced.

Hair closures protect your regular hair. In the closure wigs, you do not need to avoid some hair with center or side parts. As all things being equal, you twist the whole thing of your hair at once and avoid damage caused by heat, toilet, and various other things.

Here are steps to install closure wigs

  1.  Mash your hair into the corners and place it on the wigs before you put the piece in your hair. The wig cap guarantees that your hair does not appear at the ends.
  2.  Apply some Got2B splash in your temples to get a wig cap on your head.
  3.  Apply fixtures to the pieces of the wig cap that allow the result to become clear. (Apply it to a part of the center, inside the center, or to a part on one side). Make sure the stimulant is your right combination, or in case it is a lighter shade than your skin.
  4.  Little remove the excess of your wig cap from your temple with a small pair of scissors. For example, the form in which your closure wigs is needed, and confirms the disappearance without any abundance.
  5.  Get the phantom bond, place it on the tail of a wooden stick or brush and apply the paste on the part of your head where the result will be. The phantom bond will maintain the closure and prevent it from constantly retreating. (Make sure you apply the paste at least an inch away from your hair to protect it from damage to the hair.)
  6.  Gently place your hair from front to back. Spot the distribution appropriately, so it’s on the part you helped with the installation. Make sure that the front part of your hair is on the sideband and press down with your own hand to get the result. (Make sure it is straight and not warped.)
  7.  Use a small brush to brush back the previous hair while pressing down on the paste.
  8.  Believe that your end will be dry, and then you take your scissors and cut the web in front of your closure wigs. Follow the example of the hair on the front while minimizing the web, so this is as normal as can really be expected.
  9.  When you trim the web completely, your installation is over!

As a result of introducing your end, you will continue to try to prep whatever you want, depending on the personality of your closure wigs. You will use styles for straight hair or wavy hair.

All the management you may want to try, oil, and change, and your closure wigs are ready.

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