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Innovative ideas designing attractive Custom Hair Extension Boxes

The packaging is the art of marketing and provides you with an opportunity to give the silent marketing message to the shoppers. For hair extensions, the custom hair extension boxes are of great importance and play a crucial role in the selling of these products. They look at one of their kind due to unique shapes and visuals. The demand for hair extensions in the market is burgeoning. That is why their packaging should be matchless to stay on the top in the competitive market. For this purpose, you need to design your hair extension packages creatively and innovatively. The following tips will be helpful in this aspect. 

Make them transparent:

Introducing transparency can turn the ordinary-looking hair extension box into something special. Die-cutting your box to add window panels is a good idea to make it transparent. These window patches will enable the customers to look inside the box to know the inside contents. To make it more inventive, customize the windows in some interesting shapes. The hair extension packages can be matched with the products or upcoming events by customizing the windows—for instance, an egg shape for the event of Easter and a deer shape for Christmas. Incorporation of the windows enables the customers to see the product and give a message that your product is untouched. 

Charismatic color combinations:

Many companies focus on the details and forget about the strategic use of color schemes. All your hard work will go in vain if you are not paying attention to select the right color combinations. Be mindful of your parent brand theme and overall experience you want to offer to the precious clients. If you want to look confident and bold in the retail market, going with brighter colors could be an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you want to convey the premium nature of your products, simple and minimal colors will work best. 

Graphical patterns:

If you want to make your objects look appealing on the retail shelves among the ocean of products, you must pay heed to the graphical patterns. A polka dot pattern, which consists of small circles of the same size, could be a good idea for a fantasy look. If you want to make your items look youthful and lively, the chevron pattern is an excellent choice. For offering the shoppers a retro or vintage experience, the deco pattern will be best as it will remind them of beautiful past memories. The graphical patterns provide you with an opportunity to engage more customers so, be good at selecting the right patterns for your hair extension box. 

Artistic and innovative shapes:

It is almost impossible to impress modern-day shoppers with the traditional shapes of hair extension packages. Get rid of the rectangular or square shapes and be innovative with the shape to allure the consumers in the first impression. Being creative with the shape can enhance the visual and perceived value of your goods being displayed. Try something unconventional and different from others to look unique and distinctive. For instance, pentagonal, hexagonal, cylindrical, or pyramidal shapes will make your packaging innovative. Designing your custom hair extension boxes in the shape of a pillow boxes is quite effective in increasing the visual appeal of the items. 

Playful font styles:

The way in which you present information tells a lot about your item as well as the brand. To upgrade the perceived value of your products, print the information stylishly to mesmerize the consumers. The use of some playful and stylish font styles are of great help in this regard. The sans-serif is a modern and clean font style that prints the information elegantly. The slab-serif is a bold and loud font style and enhances the visibility of the printed stuff. Similarly, handwritten and script styles would be excellent choices for printing all kinds of details. 

Add images:

A good picture is, undoubtedly, worth more than a thousand words. A picture is an effective communicator between your brand and shoppers in the retail market. You do not need to print length descriptions and some other details of your hair extensions if you are adding pictorial illustrations. Printing images of your product on the hair extension boxes will enable the consumers to know about it without even opening the packaging. Doing this will enhance the aesthetic of your packaging as well as build the confidence of clients in your brand. 

Alluring finishes:

There exists a relationship between hair extensions and touching. Therefore, it is a great idea to provide your clients with a great sensation and feeling when they touch your packages. When customers go shopping in the retail market, they want to feel the product with their bare hands. Capitalize on this by using premium lamination and coatings on the custom hair extension packages. Matte lamination with enhanced appearance could be a great choice since it offers a smooth feeling while grabbing the items. The gloss lamination with a sheen can be used for offering a stylish and elegant look.

Use inserts and ribbons:

The outside, as well as the inner side of the packaging, matters when it comes to providing the ultimate experience to your valuable customers. Therefore, the induction of some custom inserts saying “thank you” is good for surprising the customers. The handwritten cards will make the unboxing experience amazing, and the buyers will feel special. The glitters and ribbons are a further icing on the cake that makes your packages look one of their kind. The ribbons are made from different kinds of materials like velvet, silk, etc. Choose the ribbons for your hair extension boxes that go well with the characteristics of your product. The hair extension boxes can snatch the attention of the consumers easily when designed properly. Designing them in a creative way can be a daunting task for you so, we have put together this effective guide for you. Die-cutting these packages for introducing transparency is an effective designing idea. Similarly, introducing some charismatic color schemes and lively patterns can do wonders for you.

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