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Information on Turkey Visa for citizens of Gabon


Turkish traveler visa is expected for Gabonese residents. The stay is normally abbreviated to 30 days and the visa terminates in 180 days or less. The candidate doesn’t need to be available while applying for a traveler visa in Turkey. A sum of 12 records is expected to apply for a vacationer visa to Turkey.

Turkish visa requirements for citizens of Gabon

You can apply for Turkish e-Visa through the Turkey Visa for Gabon Citizens application. The Turkish Foreign Ministry has developed a legal and successful system for approving the travel of strangers. Gabonis can finish the structure and present their necessities electronically using their cellphones, tablets or workstations. Gabon residents have a place with the Turkish contingent e-visa department, which allows them to enter the country using a basic identity. Gabonese are eligible for single pass consent, and they can take advantage of their condition for up to thirty (30) days. Gabon residents who own assistance, strategic and official identities do not have to worry about visas for entry. They can stay in Turkey for up to ninety (90) days. For the hassle-free acquisition of Turkey Visa for Gabon Citizens application facility, the Turkish government has sent an online enrollment. Unfamiliar citizens can agree to go to Turkey with a few pictures. It restores Gabonese sticker visas from a tedious cycle, also, they will never have to stand in long lines again.

Turkish visa prerequisite for Gambian residents

1. See actually Turkey Visa for Gambia Citizens prerequisites

Gambia is not on the list of countries excluded from Turkish visas, so Turkey needs a visa.

Visa Type: E-Vacation Visa 30 days, Single-Passage.

2. Step-by-step instructions for applying for a Turkish visa for Gambian residents

You can apply for a Turkish e-visa with the opportunity to meet each of the situations recorded below.

Go for movement or business purposes

There is a sufficient supporting report (valid visa or sufficient home grant from Schengen country, United States, United Kingdom or Ireland). E-Visa is not recognized as a supporting report.

Get a ticket to go full circle with Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Onur Air or Atlas Global Airlines.

Save significant one-and-a-half years from the date of your visit to Turkey.

Save about 50 50 for return tickets, hotel reservations and daily stays.

If not, you can apply for a general visa at the Turkish Embassy in Gambia.

3. Turkey visa costs for Gambian residents

Turkey Visa for Gambia Citizens To apply for a visa on the web, you need to pay two (02) types of visa costs, called administrative charges and government costs.


Each country has to follow certain rules to enter. If you want to enter Turkey as a resident of Gambia or as a citizen of Turkey, you have to be a qualified citizen and you have to abide by the law. Then you can enjoy the beauty of the country. I hope I could help you a little bit.

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