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Separate metallic objects are joined through a process called arc welding. In this process, an electric machine known as a welding machine is used to generate heat which causes the metals that are to be joined to melt and as they cool, they bind together. MIG welding is a type of arc welding process and this article gives some insight into some things you may need to know about MIG welding machine price in Kenya.


MIG welding is one of the many arc welding processes in existence. In this process, an electrode which is made of wire is heated up and then pushed into the welding pool and this electrode is what causes the metals to bind together. A welding machine called a gun is used to push the electrode into the pool. As the electrode is being pushed into the pool, inert gas is also channeled through the welding gun, hence the name, Metal Inert Gas welding. 

The purpose of the gas is to shield everything in the welding pool from airborne contamination. Obviously, a special process like this demands special machinery. Let’s take a look at these MIG welding machines and some aspects of their price in Kenya. 

MIG Welding Machines

Welding needs vary and so do MIG welding machines. Pretty much, almost anybody can do MIG welding and so depending on who is going to be doing the welding, whether professional or amateur and the main type of welding work to be done, whether personal or commercial, it is important that the right type of MIG welder is chosen for the job. Different types of MIG welders have different price tags attach

Home Welding

A home welder will not necessarily be looking for the highest quality, most reliable, MIG welding machine. As a matter of fact, the most important factor they may consider when looking for a MIG welder is probably the price. What they simply need is something they can afford and that can get the job done.

Professional Welding

A professional welder will most likely overlook pricing in order to get the machine that will work best for them. After all, when the machine does its job well, it will eventually pay for itself.

Other Factors Affecting Price

Apart from the brand, the following factors help determine the prices of MIG welding machines in Kenya.  As already mentioned, the amateur home welder will probably go for the cheaper ones whereas the professional welder might close his eyes at the price if the value he is getting is worth it.

Weight and Size -Smaller, lightweight machines will fall on the cheaper end of the spectrum. The advantage of such types of machines is their portability.

Power requirements – Heavy commercial or industrial welding will require more power to drive the welding process, thus the more expensive heavy-duty machines will be a must-have for such processes, regardless of the price. 

Duty Cycle -When welding, the machines need frequent break periods to cool off before the welding process is continued. The time it takes before the machine needs to be switched off to cool is what is called the duty cycle of the machine. The cheaper machines have shorter duty cycles and these are more suitable for home welders because of their smaller workloads. The inconvenience will hardly be felt by them. 

ConclusionThat’s a brief overview of this popular type of  welding machine, the factors that affect it, and the typical considerations that should back buyers’ choices. From here, you should be able to make more well-informed purchases.

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