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Immigrating to Portugal, are you going?

For those engaged in the immigration industry, immigrate to portugal cannot be more familiar. This country on the Iberian Peninsula of Europe is an old-brand developed capitalist country. The west and south are the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, and the north and east are adjacent to Spain. In addition to the territories of the European continent, the Azov and Madeira Islands in the Atlantic are Portuguese territories. Portugal not only has modern industry and agriculture, but also has a fairly well-developed tourism industry.

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Many friends may still have impressions of Portugal in big cities like Lisbon and Porto. In fact, the southern Algarve has the most beautiful cliff coast and the most famous cave beaches, attracting countless European tourists, especially tourists from Britain and Germany. , Algarve is their dream resort and one of the most popular travel destinations.

Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal and one of the historical provinces. Its counterpart is Faro Province. In history, it once formed the Portugal-Brazil-Algarve United Kingdom with other lands in Portugal and Brazil. It is the southernmost coastline of Portugal. The sea is warm and calm. The charming coastline portrays Portugal’s life like a paradise on earth. Picture.

Portugal has a warm climate throughout the year, and it has outstanding people; not only has it nurtured warm and kind local people, but it has also nurtured delicious food that can be drooling even after thinking about it. Prices here are lower than the EU average, and tourism is cost-effective, and it is also very suitable for living.

Portugal is an important wine-producing region in the world. When it comes to red wine, cork is definitely indispensable. Cork is derived from cork oak, which is a kind of oak, which is completely different from the oak used in aging oak barrels.

When it comes to cork stoppers, Portugal will definitely be talked about. Portugal’s output accounts for more than half of the global output, and 70% of the world’s cork stoppers come from Portugal and Spain.

Portugal provides the world’s best quality of life and “relaxed lifestyle”, which is also emphasized by British expats. It is one of the countries with the best leisure options in the world. More than four-fifths (83%) of foreigners are satisfied with social and leisure activities in Portugal. Almost 95% of Portuguese immigrants have a positive opinion of climate and weather. 83% of the respondents said that it is easy to settle in Portugal, and Portugal ranks first in the list of countries that “feel the most at home”.

Passport advantages

In October 2012, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Portuguese Government promulgated a new law that allows citizens of non-EU countries to obtain a “golden residence permit” or “golden visa” through investment in Portugal, and can apply for a Schengen visa. Free passage in the area.

Portugal is not only suitable for investment, but also a place to live and enjoy life. It has a safe society, abundant sunshine, beautiful natural environment, abundant leisure and cultural resources, and high-quality health and medical facilities.

High gold content: Hold a “golden visa” to live, study and work in Portugal.

Trinity: One person applies for three generations to obtain EU status, can bring parents and children, and enjoy the right to family reunion.

Free education: enjoy Portuguese benefits and go to public schools for free.

Convenient travel: Passports are exempt from visa to 163 countries and regions (including EU countries and Schengen countries), travel freely to 26 Schengen countries in Europe, and can stay freely for up to 90 days.

The residency requirements are relaxed: 7 days in the first year of residence in Portugal, and 14 days in every two years thereafter.

No real estate required: No need to rent or buy a house in Portugal during any period of the Golden Visa, including the period of applying for permanent residence and naturalization.

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