HunText: Hunt down those missing files in a split-sec!

Why is your phone so slow? The applications keep freezing up all the time, and using your device feels like a nightmare every time. It constantly heats up, the firmware keeps crashing and you don’t look forward to spending some quality time with your device. Change your smartphone’s health for the better with HunText. There’s no file too hidden for it to find, no document out of reach and no video well crowded out by clutter.  HunText tears through heaps of files like a hot knife through butter, getting you what you need in a jiffy. Additionally, it’s great at finding opportunities to free up space, such as by deleting duplicate files, among other methods. The more the space, the faster your phone operates, and the less likely you are to break the screen in a fit of rage!

HunText Features

HunText’s primary concept is built around the fastest search engine and indexing known to Android. With only a partial phrase of the title, users can pluck out files from the furthest corners of your phone memory. In addition to a File Finder system like never seen before, users also get treated to the following:

  • PC-like file explorer: Do you sometimes wish your phone was as organized as a PC? HunText offers PC-Esque file directory arrangement.
  • A UI to fall in love with; the app’s user interface is not only built for speed and accessibility; it is also gorgeous to look at with its light tones.
  • Wireless FTP: Need to transfer files between mobile and PC? No problem! HunText offers wireless transfers across multiple device platforms.
  • File manager that enables the manipulation of files through deletion, uploading, compression, and more.
  • Duplicate remover: The app finds similar files and lets you delete them
  • In-app video and audio player: You’ve found that missing video file, now you don’t need to switch files to listen to music or watch clips
  • Easy file categorization that enables easy access according to file types e.g. images, audio, etc for more specific lookups 

Working of the app

Need to look up something? Hit the search navigator! Want to compress something? Highlight the file and toggle between options to copy, move, delete and compress it. For compression and cloud transfer features though, you’ll need a PRO subscription.

Where HunText stands out from the rest

If you’ve used most third-party file transfers, you’ll agree with me that they are darn slow! You’ll be better of watching a tortoise cross the road than waiting for search results. HunText accelerates this process to mere seconds, thanks to its unprecedented FTP and search engine.  This lightning-quick file transfer system is its best quality, not to mention the fact that it doubles up as a compression tool and video/audio player!

Download HunText for its speedy file transfers and excellent diversity!

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