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How would you satisfy your Disability Insurance Claim?

Key elements of acquiring successful results in the long-term disability claims would be dependent on your ability to present robust and documented medical evidence supporting your cause. Gaining full and fair disability benefits made available under your insurance policy requires a proper and complete medical diagnosis from a competent and certified medical practitioner. 

Why is it important for you to undergo a medical diagnosis? 

For one reason, it would be important to determine the conditions that qualify for long term disability in the U.S. Insurance companies would search for loopholes in your claim. They would look forward to exploiting the small errors in your claim or look for missing documents. They would not hesitate to use relatively small issues to their advantage. It could result in outright rejections or significant delays. 

In the event, your medical records fail to show the effects or extent of your condition or disability, your chances of losing on receiving full benefits would be significantly higher. It would be in your best interest to consider seeking the assistance of a qualified disability lawyer to ensure that your medical evidence is in proper order. 

Conditions qualifying for receiving disability benefits 

Several medical conditions qualify for receiving long-term disability benefits. Some important aspects related to the medical conditions have been listed below. 

  • Medical conditions should be associated with physical or psychological impairments 

A plethora of conditions qualify you for long-term disability benefits. Rest assured that the list is so extensive that it makes it impossible to list all the medical conditions qualifying for disability benefits. Nonetheless, people having qualifying medical conditions struggle to seek approval for their long-term disability claim. 

Among the several issues that most applicants run into for seeking approval to their disability claims process, the most common has been the in-acceptance of the association between the underlying conditions and the physical or psychological impairment by the insurance company. It would qualify the person for the disability benefits, as the link would prevent him or her to work full time. 

  • Routine living activities form 

The long-term disability carrier would ask you to complete routine living activities form documenting what you were physically competent in doing. You would be required to tell the disability insurance company about any routine activity involving your condition. If you were unable to adhere to the claim made about your routine activity, the insurance company would deny your claim. It would also hamper your credibility. 

The disability attorney would help you establish the link using his or her skills and experience. The attorney would ensure that these associations are adequately supported by comprehensive medical evidence and convincing legal argument. 

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