How VOD Content Has Changed The Way We Watch TV

Consumer demand for connectivity and content has influenced the connected TV segment in a significant way. The way we watch TV has drastically changed in the last decade.

Several technological innovations now allow people to watch their favorite programs whenever they want, independently of the broadcast schedule. VOD and OTT services are becoming the prime source of entertainment, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

VOD has become integral to all types of TV services, including VOD and VOD streaming. VOD is also changing the way we watch our favorite shows. Shared viewing experiences are now common when consuming VOD content.

VOD streaming has never been so easy, allowing you to access the content at any time. VOD is accessible from multiple devices, not just your set-top box. VOD makes it possible to watch TV on any screen, including your ever-present mobile phone. VOD also allows you to pause and resume watching a show halfway through or restart an episode.

In this post, we will look at how VOD is changing the way we watch TV and how it impacts the content streaming in our day and age.

1. VOD Streaming, The Way We Watch The Tube

Today, VOD is not just about watching films. The latest VOD services include shows such as Narcos and House Of Cards. VOD content has now migrated from cinema to full-blown home experience. VOD services now offer a plethora of content. You can choose what you want to watch and when.

2. Increased Screen-time

Binge-watching VOD content is now the norm. Ancient VCRs allowed us to fast-forward through commercials; VOD removes them altogether. VOD will allow you to binge-watch an entire series in one go on services like Netflix and Hulu.

3. A New Global Audience

VOD has given viewers access to TV shows from across the globe, instantly increasing their availability. Everything one needs is stable internet connectivity and a device with a screen, and they can stream content from anywhere and at any time.  VOD has made it easier for companies to distribute content to global audiences.

4. With VOD, TV is Always On

Since VOD services are available anytime an internet connection is present, this means that the TV is always on, whether you want it or not. VOD keeps running in the background of your phone even when there isn’t a show you’re watching. To make things easier, VOD notifications will pop up the moment a new episode of a show you’re following becomes available for streaming.

5. The Changing Face of TV Advertising

VOD has changed the way content is advertised. VOD advertising allows companies to reach millions of viewers simultaneously while providing them with a greater level of interactivity. Surely, media marketers should be focusing their efforts on VOD streaming platforms these days. After all, what better way to reach millions of consumers than through VOD advertising?

Take Away

The unprecedented rise of VOD streaming platforms has changed the way we watch TV. Accordingly, VOD advertising is now changing the way companies promote their products, and VOD notifications help us keep up with our favorite shows! All in all, we expect that VOD will continue to maintain market dominance and impact TV viewership for decades to come.

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