How to Prevent Burnout as a Nursing Student

Nursing students can reach a point of feeling burnt out, but only if they charge ahead without looking at the big picture. One day soon, you will be a nursing school graduate, and then, a professional nurse. When that happens, you can get on with owning your life and future plans. In the interim, you simply have to avoid burnout as a nursing student. Know that while nursing school is hard, it can also be very enjoyable. Next up, how to get through nursing school without getting burnt out.

Prepare for Nursing School Carefully

So, you want to become a nurse. And in order to become a licensed nurse, you have to successfully complete nursing school. Prospective nursing students have to choose and apply for programs of study. They’ll look at the course schedule for said programs and see if they are compatible with their existing routines. Then they have to work with the financial department to ensure that tuition and other fees can be covered. These are the practical things that you will do to prepare for nursing school. In addition, you need to mentally prepare yourself for what will be happening in your life. Thinking about how your life will be different as a nursing student compared to how it is now is one of the better ways to prepare carefully and intelligently.

Have Your Personal Life Under Control

It’s pretty hard to avoid burnout as a nursing student if you don’t already have your personal life under wraps. When life is complicated, the last thing anyone should do is get ready to saddle themselves with more responsibilities. Now, this isn’t to say that your life has to be perfect. However, if you are severely stressed by working and life in general, you should wait before enrolling in nursing school. Many students choose to go for their BSN to DNP online because it provides convenience and stability. Going to nursing school online might be the best way for you to keep your personal life under full control.

Be Ready to Your Schedule

So, you are a nursing school student and everything is going swimmingly. You’re getting to class on time and the subject matter is challenging, but not too difficult. Everything seems perfect, until it’s not. Suddenly, you’re finding that you need more time to study. When you take more time to study, you don’t get enough sleep at night. Making changes to your schedule while you’re in nursing school should be fully expected. You are going to take different classes each semester, while your everyday life may also change and shift. As a nursing student, you will need to learn how to follow a routine without getting totally locked into it.

Develop a Strong Support System

Do you have someone that you can call any time of day to vent, share good news with, or have a quick chat? If you are a nursing student, you need a steady support system to help get you to your goal. You may have your parents that you can depend on for emotional support, but don’t forget about other ways that you can get a boost when needed. Campus resources, outreach groups, and even perfect strangers can sometimes provide the best forms of nursing student support. This could be when you seek out a mentor or even talk to professional nurses about what is expected of you. When you don’t keep everything bottled in and you know that you have a support system, you can avoid nursing school burnout.

Give Yourself Plenty of Breaks

When you get going with nursing school, you will want to keep racing towards your goals, likely without even thinking about taking a break. This is because when you build up momentum, it isn’t easy to see when you really need to stop. You’re going to be studying, taking tests, and performing clinics. You’ll be taking notes, reading entire textbooks from cover to cover, and exploring the human body like never before. At one point or another, you just need to take a break. In fact, as a nursing student, you should be taking plenty of breaks. This doesn’t mean you should forget about your studies or skip class. It simply means that you are going to need to slow down and enjoy the time you have off.  

Be Realistic About All Your Goals

People everywhere have a habit of daydreaming about what their future lives will be like after they hit a certain target. For you, it could be graduating nursing school and increasing your salary. It could also be all about finally becoming a professional nurse so that you have more of a say over your work schedule. And if you continue to work hard, you will reach all of your goals. On the other hand, it makes the most sense to be realistic about your education and career-related plans. By being realistic, you won’t really experience any setbacks.

Know What Your Weaknesses Are

While going to nursing school, the biggest obstacles you will meet are those that are self-imposed. Students who like to stay up late at night even when they have class in the morning end up feeling tired and lethargic. People who wait to study for an exam have to cram, and they don’t always perform as well as they can on exams. You have weaknesses, just like every other human on this planet. The question is, do you know and accept what your weak points are? Being aware and cognizant about your personal weaknesses means that they will never overtake your life or sabotage your progress.

Use Every Tool You Have

As a nursing school student, you have a lot of tools at your disposal that you are not using on a regular basis. Now, if you have highlighted your textbooks and call upon your support system regularly, you may not believe that you are underutilizing any available tools. The fact of the matter is that you are preparing to become a nurse and work in the healthcare sector. There are tools that can help you in your studies as well as in your future profession. Tools for networking exist, and they should be utilized before you begin your next job search. So, sign up for that seminar and meet with your nursing student friends for lunch. You could find even more tools that will help you on your way along as a student.

Celebrate Your Smallest Accomplishments

Whenever you do something good for yourself, either as a student or just as a person, you should celebrate. If you get a good grade on an exam, you should reward yourself. When you go to bed on time every day for a week, you should allow yourself to beam with pride. Chances are, you are constantly creating small victories for yourself. You can’t just wait until you are ready to pick up your diploma to start giving yourself a pat on the back. Celebrating even these minor victories along the way will help you to stay motivated and keep your self-esteem high. These are the times that you should think about when you are feeling low or want to give up. Celebrating your victories enables you to become your own invaluable support system.

Visualize Your Goals

Want to know another clever trick for preventing burnout as a nursing student? Picture yourself overcoming any challenge set before you. It truly doesn’t matter what your goal is, as long as you visualize yourself meeting it. So, if your first personal goal is to start practicing more self-care, you will want to picture yourself pampering your skin, meditating, and radiating with positivity. Visualize what you see for yourself and you will create a picture that very well could become a reality. Just keep visualizing yourself doing incredible things, and one day you will achieve them.

Don’t Downplay Your Sacrifices

Anyone who decides to become a nursing student knows that they are going to be facing some heavy challenges. First of all, you are going to experience a complete schedule shift. Whether you are focusing solely on nursing school as a full-time student or working as a full-time employee while you go to school part-time, your regular schedule is going to change. You might see your friends and family less frequently, while your finances might also become tighter during the time you are in school. The coursework will be challenging and maintaining a balance will ultimately lead to you being stressed. These are the types of sacrifices that nursing school students make – and they’re worth it. On your journey towards greatness, don’t forget about all you have put into it and never downplay your sacrifices.

The coursework may require you to study for hours. Going to nursing school might also cause you to juggle a lot of tasks. On occasion, you will wonder what you got yourself into. Don’t worry though. Getting through nursing school will actually be one of the best things you do in your life. Keep working and dreaming, and burnout will not be an option.

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