How to make my computer faster

How to make computers faster? It is the question that arises in our mind after buying.

The efficiency of everything decreases as time passes. The same is the case with computers.

Two ways, I will recommend to you. If you are using the computer for more than three years, there is a need to change your PC.

But if you are using the computer for the last year, the computer working speed is decreasing.  We will share some effective methods with you, which will help to optimize your computer. It will make computer faster.

Why there is a need to change PC:

After buying the computer, with time, the computer starts to slow down. The slow down of the computer is a part of computer life.

You have to change the PC because, after some time, the new update comes. Those are not present in the older version.

Some modern features are present in the new models that do not exist in the old ones.

The presence of windows if we run window 11 on the older computers, then it will get corrupted.

In the same way, you will be unable to run the faster version of different software in the new models like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe aftereffects, and Adobe premiere pro.

So, due to the latest updates from the company, you must change the PC.

Things to keep in mind during the changing computer:

When you are going to change your computer, here are some guides which will help you.

Update and security:

Update and security are important features that are not present in the old version. In 2021 the computers are available in which update and security are present. By using this feature, you can know when an update needs.

This feature saves the computer from security threats.

Power plan:

A power plan is a feature of the computer.

Your computer must have a good power plan and consider it during the buying of a new computer.

Battery power:

In the operation of the computer, timing plays a role.

Consider, when you are buying the laptop. A laptop having 4 hours of battery timing is good battery power.


The processor helps the computer to work faster. The rendering protects in this manner.


Ram is a factor to consider when you buy a new computer because it increases the speed of the internet and computer efficiency.


Resolution helps to keep the high pixels on the screen.

When you are using software that needs high-quality graphics, the resolution is a factor.

Pro tip: if you are doing work, blogging, copyright, assignment, and composing factor to consider the resolution is not mandatory.

Screen size:

The screen size of the computer increases the magnification. A thing to keep in mind during buy computers.


Consider storage can save more data.

But when we are using a computer with low storage, the speed of the system get decreases.


Price is a factor to consider when you are going to buy a computer. Computers with high features have high prices. The price of a Macbook is greater than the other companies. Buy a laptop from 961Souq, one of the best laptop store in Lebanon.


The weight of everything is to note.

I will suggest you buy a laptop of low weight.

It will help you to take the computer away from the home, office and on the picnic.

Strategies to make my computer faster:

If you are using the computer for some time but, its working ability gets low, we will help you, how you can make your computer faster.

Delete unnecessary files:

These are the files that need the system to execute the fast function.

After some time, these become useless. And these files are present on the computer in a manner.

So, it is necessary to delete the files. You install temporarily and, now these are nothing but waste.

Continuously shut-off and shut-on:

Shut on and shut down the device incorrect way can harm your system. You want to go to the main power button and open it. During closing, go to the main menu and select shut off.

Do not use the power button directly to off the computer. It will interrupt the function.

Upgrade your ram:

To make your system faster, you use more RAM than the minimum ram that recommends 8GB. This will helps to fast the system simultaneously, and you can hold the different programs at a single time.

Delete the unnecessary software:

The software is present on your computer. That you do not use but are present and occupy the space.

Remove this type of software from the computer. After removing the unnecessary software from the computer will helps you to increase the space. It will increase the computer speed.

Delete big files not need:

Some files are present in our computer which have no future use and this act as garbage for our computer.

So, uninstall this kind of file as early as possible.

It is one factor to increase the speed of your system.

Don’t use more tabs:

During use, we have to open only one to two tabs.

When we open more than one tab, this takes more time to load. Loading decrease the speed of computer work.

So, use only necessary tabs during the use of a computer.

Delete virus and anti-virus:

Sometimes. The virus produces in our system without permission. We use anti-virus but, these create unknown files.

Check continuously new updates and security. Security features will help you to protect from viruses.

Disable all auto-launching programs:

Remove all kinds of auto-language programs. These programs slow down the computer.

Change power plan:

Two types of power plans are present in most computers. Power plan.

Balanced plan.

Use a power plan keeps the computer safe from energy consumption. More work can proceed when you use the power in a manner.

Use the desktop Icon:

After restart, if desktop icons are present in a balanced way and these are in minimum number.

So, during the start of the system. Less loading will require this will make RAM space.

Delete internet browsing history:

Browsing history is a form of junk material that saves in the system. It has no use for the computer a not good for the computer health. Delete the browsing history daily.

Help you to make your computer fast.

Run regular updates:

The update is necessary for any program. If you continuously use the old version, this will not remain compatible.

Whenever an update comes, use it. Run your computer after sure that your computer is completely updated.

Final thoughts:

I hope so this method will help you to understand how I can make my computer faster. And when you need to change your computer.

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