How to make a good logo?

Some entrepreneurs think they don’t need a logo. Yet. There are plenty of other important tasks.

A logo is a visible advertisement for your business, expressed in an image. Such a marketing move works as a silent, free salesperson that can boost your sales and expand your customer base. But that’s not all a logo can bring you, either.

Why is a logo important and why is it important?

The logo is the most important design element. Why? It is associated with your company. You put it on your products, advertising, packaging. Everywhere! Before you start creating your business card or promotional materials for your business, you need to design a logo.

All well-known logos are unique, memorable and stand the test of time. They instantly do what is expected of them: define a brand, set it apart from hundreds of others, and pique the interest of potential customers.

We all know famous logos, but we don’t always know how to create one. How do you come up with a concept? Choose a color? What’s worth knowing when making one icon…

These few steps will help you create your perfect logo.

Find out what your logo will be

To do this, answer yourself these 8 questions:

  • What type of logo to choose?

All logos can be divided into 4 categories:

Word. This type of logo consists of a freestanding word of several letters. For example, you would definitely recognize this one: Google.

Single letter. These types of logos are also well-known to you. They are often used if the company name is long or difficult to find an association to it: Honda.

Symbol pictures. These are mini-images of famous things. For example, the Twitter logo.

Abstract. As a rule, it’s hard to say what’s on it. For example, Nike.

  • What type of logo would work best for my company?

Unfortunately, there is no formula for a logo that works equally well for everyone. What is right for you depends a lot on the name of your company and what you are going to do.

For example, if you have a short name such as Visa, a word logo will work well for you. Logos like this help people remember your name better and faster. If you choose an abstract symbol, it should be something that reflects the style and personality of your brand.

  • What key points of my business should my logo reflect?

Your logo, its color and shape should give a clear understanding to customers of what you do.

When people look at it, they should feel the personality, the personality of the brand. They should understand that you are different from your competitors, you are a professional and do everything at a high level.

For example, the Amazon logo. Their logo is the name of the company with an arrow at the bottom. The arrow is perceived by people as a smile and reflects friendly customer service. It connects the letters A and Z, showing that Amazon has everything from A to Z.

  • Which color to choose?

Choosing a color for a logo is very important. To stand out more from your competitors, use a color that they don’t use. And remember how colors affect psychological factors.

For example, the color red for Red bull is a great choice. It is associated with activity, action, a little bit of aggression and anxiety.

Yellow means cheerfulness, activity, well-being. Blue means trust, calmness and reliability.

  • What fonts to use?

Font, like color, conveys different emotions. For example, the law firm should be reliable, strong, fair. Its logo should reflect it. So it is better to choose a simple, calm font. And for the candy store, you can choose an intricate, cheerful style.

  • Can I draw a logo or is it better to hire a designer?

Even if you’re an artist at heart or have a small budget, it’s better to turn to a professional. An experienced graphic designer knows what a good logo is and how to make one.

But you yourself need to understand what you want. So before the meeting with the designer think about what color, font, style you want to see. And discuss it during the meeting.

  • What mistakes should you avoid?

The worst mistake is copying a competitor’s logo. All of their customer experiences, good and bad, related to their competitors will be transferred to you by potential customers.

Another mistake can be seeing your logo only on paper. You should present it on different materials and in different places. For example, how would it look on your website? Or on the street in the form of a billboard? How about putting it on a T-shirt or a cup?

  • How will my logo look in 10 years?

It may be wrong to ask this question in the beginning. But you need to understand that over time you will have to redesign your logo. The key here is to do it a little bit at a time, discreetly. To do this, you need to understand what you want to see in the final.

Now you understand what your logo will look like. But that’s not all. All successful logos have common features. Check to see if yours has them:

  • Simplicity. The simpler it is, the better it is remembered;
  • Overall message. Your logo should reflect what your company does;
  • Memorability. Your logo should help your customers remember you;
  • Associations. Your logo should only evoke pleasant associations;
  • Testability. Don’t trust your intuition when designing a logo. Research your niche, consult with a designer. This will help you choose the right option. After that, test which option performs better.


Now you understand how to create a logo that works and will benefit you. Grab a piece of paper, answer these questions right now and tomorrow you will create your successful logo, yourself or with the help of professionals, and your business will blossom!

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