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The legal system of any community concerning crime operates on the basis that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. As a result, every suspected individual who has been charged with an offense has the right to an attorney. Regardless of what the crime might be or the evidence that may have been gathered against the defendant, the chances of winning a case increase significantly if the defendant is properly represented in court by an attorney. While a defendant may have access to an array of attorneys for representation, it is imperative to consult and only hire good attorneys from good law firms like Stroleny Law P.A. To identify a good criminal defense attorney, here are some of the qualities a defendant should look out for:

Qualifications And Experience

In addition to checking if a lawyer graduated from a university and a law school to become an attorney, a defendant looking to hire a good criminal defense attorney should ensure to check for the level of experience. This is because the longer an attorney has been practicing, the more accustomed they become with the law court and possibly with the different judges that may be presiding over a case.

Very Timely

When dealing with a court case, especially criminal cases, time is of the essence. A criminal defense attorney is always quick to act as delay may result in jail time for his clients. So, when trying to identify a good criminal defense lawyer, a defendant should assess the responsiveness and swiftness of the attorney and his or her team during the consultation period as this will give an insight into how he or she works.


There are different aspects of law, which is why attorneys tend to specialize. Some general attorneys take all cases irrespective of what aspect of the law they may fall. However, a criminal defense lawyer highly specializes in criminal law, which implies all his or her resources are channeled towards this, thereby ensuring a more positive result. This is because specialized criminal defense attorneys tend to know all about criminal law and not just the basics.

Past Records

It always helps to check for the success rate of an attorney. This gives the defendant the idea of the possibility of winning a case. To do this, a defendant should check for reviews of past clients on previous cases that have been handled by the attorney. The defendant should also check the official legal sites for the state in which the attorney practices to see if he is registered and has any malpractice issues.

Confident And Quick Thinker 

Lots of law firms tend to offer free first consultation. During this consultation, a defendant should try to assess the attorney he or she will be hiring. Good lawyers tend to be very confident and charismatic. They understand that doubts may prevent them from pursuing all the evidence. Aside from being confident, the attorney has to be quick on his or her feet as this will come in very handy in court should there be a need for an objection.

Has To Be Thorough

During the first consultation, good lawyers tend to ask a lot of questions. This is because to properly defend their client; they have to be kept in the loop to prevent any damaging surprises in court. They make sure to cover all the bases no matter how far back it dates. A good criminal defense lawyer will prepare defense as well as the offense approach with regards to the case as this will help anticipate the tactics of the prosecuting lawyer.

Carry The Defendant Along

Ultimately, the goal is to do what’s best for the defendant. Therefore, a good criminal defense lawyer would always present all the options to the defendant. The attorney will ensure to explain to the defendant all the processes and the implications before proceeding. This is because it is still left to the defendant to make the big decisions. Usually, during the first consultation, a good criminal defense attorney can predict the way a case will spin out; hence he or she can advise the defendant on the best way to proceed. 

If a criminal defense attorney a defendant is looking to hire has all of these listed qualities, then the chances are that the attorney is vastly knowledgeable about the law, and he or she is very good in criminal defense. So, to increase the chances of being acquitted by the court of law, a defendant should always check for these qualities as they directly affect the success of the case.

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