Turkish Citizenship

How to Get Turkish Citizenship

Due to the opportunities offered to foreign nationals and the quality of living conditions in Turkey; It is extremely popular for foreigners to be Turkish citizens. The humanity shown to refugees makes Turkish citizenship extremely attractive.

Before Applying for Turkish Citizenship, Do Not Neglect to Consult an Expert About Your Real Estate

How to get Turkish citizenship? When it is said, it is stated that there is more than one way. These roads also have their own special conditions. The concrete situations of foreigners who apply for Turkish citizenship and the conditions they can provide; It changes the ways to be followed, the process, the documents they need to bring. For those who do not know how to advance the process on this issue. It may be advisable to seek support from a specialist lawyer and from real estate professional consulting firms such as Noor Aljorany.

How to get Turkish citizenship? To the questions in the form, it is explained that people who fulfill the legal life expectancy in Turkey and fulfill exceptional conditions will be at the forefront. Through a legal representative or in person, it is known that those who apply to the provincial population directorates in the cities they reside in are granted citizenship because of their application being evaluated and approved. The conditions for acquiring Turkish citizenship differ according to the type of application. Turkish citizenship: It can also be won by factors such as the decision of the competent authorities, adoption, or exercise of the right to choose.

How to get Turkish citizenship? For foreign nationals doing research, Having the required conditions may not be enough to gain citizenship. If there are no problems in terms of public order and national security, persons who meet the conditions can apply to Noor Aljorany to get information about Turkish citizenship and obtaining title deeds and to make their transactions faster.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment is one of these ways. There is no harm in acquiring citizenship by investing capital in Turkey. obtaining Turkish citizenship; In another way, it is through marriage. Marrying a Turkish citizen may not directly grant Turkish citizenship. Property owners who have been married to a Turkish citizen for 3 years and whose marriage continues; To gain citizenship, you can safely get the application information and more from the https://www.nooraljorany.com/of-ownership-in-turkey-for-the-arabs/contact addresses of Noor Aljorany and make a real estate evaluation.

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