How To Get Over Someone You Never Dated?

One-sided love can be quite irksome. While on one hand, you’re aware and annoyed about the fact that they were never indeed yours to begin with, on the other hand you can’t stop feeling like they’re your everything. At that point, crying everyday about seeing him all the time but knowing that he does not want to be with you is not the answer to your problem.

That routine needs to stop, and it has to stop now. Constantly ruminating over the fact that they don’t love you and letting it worsen your day is not the way to go. Perhaps you should consider moving on from them, chucking away those feelings and developing a healthier relationship with them in the future.

Getting over someone you never dated!

It’s nobody’s fault that you love them but they don’t love you. So blaming them, getting angry at them or lashing out is also not going to make your problem go away. Whether they rejected you or simply ignore all your advances, maybe you’ve been obsessing about this person for far too long now.

It’s time to shake things up and learn that you need to focus on yourself. As hard as it can be to get over someone you love who doesn’t love you, it must be done and you know it too. Remember, it’s a long and tough road to do that, but you are tonguer and you got this! Here’s how you can help yourself get over a crush who never returns your calls.

1. Stop contacting them

You knew this one all along but just never wanted to do it. However, now is the time to finally stop talking to them. They’re clearly not good for your mental health. If everytime you see them, you end up being frustrated of being friendzoned by them, maybe cut them out of your life altogether. It will definitely do you good and help you get over them. Once you’re in a better state of mind, you can consider being their friend again.

2. Remember, that they’re an image you created in your head

More often than not, we often give people the power to control us emotionally rather than them having it in the first place. We don’t mean to discredit your crush or tell you that they are not good enough, because they probably are. We just mean to make you realize that you need to separate them from the flowery, overplayed and overdone image that you have of them in your head. Once you realize that you’ve put them on a pedestal all this time, it will become much easier to just get over them and move on.

3. Meet other people

Drown yourself in the noise of others and you might just realize, that you’ve only wasted your time completely by thinking about them. Whether you want to give Tinder a go, or meet men or women through friends or just start chatting people up at bars, it’s time that you get out there. Not only will the validation help you realize that you are worth better than wasting time on someone who doesn’t love you, but it will also stop you from thinking about them.

4. To get over someone, give it time

It’s not going to happen in a day. It’s not even going to happen in a week. It will take at least a month or more to get over someone, depending on how intensely you had fallen for them. So just because you found yourself thinking about them again, is not an excuse to give up, unblock their number and call them. You have to trust that time heals all wounds and keep trying to forget about them.

5. Work on yourself

The reason you’re fixated so much on someone is not just because of love. It’s also because of your own insecurities or something else that is lacking within you. Try to figure out the relationship problems with yourself and work on yourself wholeheartedly. A new house, job, hobby, whatever it takes – just do something that elevates your own self-esteem. Trust us, if you follow this last one properly, you can get over them in no time. To get over someone might feel like the world’s biggest challenge right now, but if you keep at it everyday, it will eventually stop feeling like one. Follow these few tips each day, clear your head, focus on yourself, work out, eat well, make friends. And in some time, you’ll catch yourself slowly erasing their memories completely. 

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