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How to Get a Senior Discount (Canada)

Don’t let anyone tell you that getting old sucks. There are plenty of benefits to being a senior citizen, and we’re not talking about the wisdom that you amass over the course of your years on this earth. No, we mean senior discounts! What’s better than getting a discount on a product of your choice just because of your age?

Over the course of today’s guide, we’re going to share some of our top tips for getting senior discounts in Canada. Even though the discount that you can get varies by location, there are a few things to consider if you’re going bargain hunting so that you can benefit from your status as a senior.

No AARP Members in Canada: CARP Discounts

You won’t find any AARP members in Canada. Instead, you’ll find the CARP, which stands for the Canadian Association of Retired Persons. This association exists to tend to the needs of Canadian senior citizens who have since retired from their careers. While there are no monthly fees, CARP members must pay a fee of $19.95 each year.

For the fee that they pay, CARP members get access to plenty of discounts at a wide variety of stores. Along with these discounts for seniors, members will also be able to get a discount at participating locations like hotels and restaurants.

Always Keep Your ID Handy When Shopping for Senior Discounts

One of the main factors that will determine whether or not you can get a seniors’ discount at the store you’re shopping at is whether or not you’re carrying a valid ID at the time. Don’t rely on your appearance to automatically get seniors discounts since many stores enforce a mandatory ID policy.

The need for proof of age applies in many different venues, including Salvation Army thrift stores and even government-run places like Parks Canada. You can use many different IDs to prove your age, including your passport, medicare card, driver’s license, or even your OAS card.

Don’t Forget to Ask for Discounts

Some stores may not advertise their discounts to seniors, and that will put the burdon on you to ask whether they offer senior discounts in the first place. For example, if you’re shopping around for a car rental, ask the representative if they have a special senior rate available.

Some stores will have a particular day on which they offer a discount to seniors. You can ask if the store offers a discount every Wednesday or every Tuesday (these are the most popular days for senior discounts). 

Consider Your Age – It Varies By Location

Before you get excited about a store like Shoppers Drug Mart offering you a senior discount, figure out whether your age means that you’re valid for a senior’s discount. Some stores will enforce a policy that only customers 65 and older can get a discount, even if they’re retired.

Other stores will offer their a discount on select products to seniors 60 and older. Even if you’re a CARP member, you may have to deal with a regular priced rate until you meet the minimum age requirements of the establishment.

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